Fifty Cent

50 cent was arrested in midtown yesterday after driving erratically in a half a million dollar Lamborghini. He also had no valid plates, insurance or even a license ! According to the NY Post, the police stopped the hip hop, former drug dealer, on 35th street and 8th ave for making an illegal lane change. When police asked the rapper for his license and registration, the dirty rapper replied " You know who the fuck I am," according to the NY Post. Cops then slapped cuffs on him and took him to the midtown precinct station house. He was issued four summonses.
Meanwhile, witnesses claimed 50 cent was already parked on the side of the road talking on his cell phone and signing autographs.What the news stories didn't report, was that this area of 8th ave is a known drug dealing neighborhood littered with peep sex shows and male prostitutes. One only has to stand at 35th and 8th to be approached by hip hop drug dealers and male hookers who work inside and in front of the peep shows.Later that night 50 cent at the Baby Phat Fashion Week show in Bryant Park got into another argument with a member of the audience who said something 50 cent didn't like and he raised a chair with the audience chanting, "Fight !" Security quickly broke up the half a buck hood..