The World Trade Center Burns

Almost 70 percent of emergency workers at Ground Zero developed new or worsening respiratory problems from breathing highly toxic air, according to a horrible health study announced yesterday. Mount Sinai Medical Center doctors - who said the study provides conclusive proof that the WTC site caused illnesses - also found 61 percent of first responders and cleanup workers had no health problems before 9/11 and became ill after working downtown.I tried to warn you. I was hired by the Port Authority to photograph the damage in the 1993 bombing. I got called down to the world trade center hrs after the bomb exploded in the garage. Their public relations firm hired me. I was escorted to a secure area and told I had to wait for Asbestos tests to come back and to wait to see if the structure was safe for me to enter and take pictures of the damage. They needed the pics for their insurance. I sat in this make shift command center inside some store above the garages in the Trade Center. I waited and waited for around 4 hours. Finally the public relations woman came running to me and said we had to get out of there. Tests came back positive for asbestos. We had to leave. She told me to bill her anyway, even though I didn't take any pictures. I should have known, Fireman, police were all wearing masks, but no one offered me one.Fast forward. September 11, 2001 planes crash into the twin towers. Everyone is asking if it's safe to go down there to assist in the rescue effort. The world was being told that it would be weeks for tests to come back for asbestos. I was in shock. Why in 1993 did it only take 4 hours? They all knew from 1993 that there was asbestos everywhere in the World Trade Center. The mayor knew, the Port Authority knew and the Police department knew. Why were they telling the world they didn't? I faxed everyone in the media and I called the city. They all ignored me. No one would listen. I told everyone people would get sick. I told them people had a right to know and decide for themselves if they still wanted to assist in the rescues. People were coming from all over the country to help. They all risked their lives. They had a right to know. The government has never told us the truth about the World Trade Center. They never answered to us why they were so stupid after the bombing in 1993, to build a NYC disaster command center in a building that was already bombed. They never answered to us as to why they stored millions of gallons of fuel in the building. Can you believe this? Millions of gallons of fuel stored in a building that was already bombed once. But the cover up continues. They won't tell you another dirty secret about the looting that went on there and who was doing it. Everyone in the media knows this secret, I've asked around. Maybe someday I will tell you, but till then it will have to remain another dirty secret!