James Edstrom gets interviewed by cable icon Barry Z.

MSNBC'S Own Rita Cosby threw a gala birthday surprise bash for her beau Tomaczek Bednarek recently at New York's famed Pink Elephant nightclub. We lured him there telling him he was being hired to perform for a famous publicist's birthday and he showed up with guitar, amps and ready to put on a show. He still didn't get it when he walked in with friend Ian Miller of imillerinternational.com and people started taking his pic. He thought the birthday boy was behind him and he was in the way. When he realized the surprise was for him, he still insisted on performing a show to standing ovations. Many thanks once again to Mike Weiss and Claire O'Connor for their help and support and big kisses to Lee Blumer from Crobar-Pink Elephant who worked so hard to make this party 5 stars!