The Chapmans and MSNBC producer Andrew Dallos
The Bounty Hunters hit the streets of NYC
Dog and Beth Chapman capture James Edstrom

The hit show on A&E that media type's thought would not make it, has turned into a cult sensation with ratings skyrocketing. Dog The Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Chapman along with his wife Beth and son Leland and always calm brother Tim, has turned into a goldmine for the cable network. They estimate the wedding episode had close to 8 million viewers, not counting the several times the show was repeated, making the Bounty Hunter Franchise a hit with the heads of the network and Dog reported to have received a raise to 100 thousand a episode. I have to admit, even though they are friends of mine, I love the show. This year the show is showing more of Dogs family and they brought in Duane Jr, Dogs first son to star with them in the hit show. As always, Beth keeps everything together and a capture of a fugitive always brings the Dogs famous speech of redemption that gives the viewer both hope and sadness. Sadness that there are people out there with so many problems, sadness that so many people are gripped by drugs and alcohol, that nothing else matters. Dog looks them in the eyes and gives them their last look at hope and respect. Dog told me he always knew he would be on TV and would help people. He said, he always knew it even when he was in jail. He knew his destiny, and that was to help people and give them hope, to show them the higher power!


Anonymous said…
I love this show...They should play it on other channels...not only A&E so other people can watci it to <3