Melissa Polo Landau

Celebrity Stylist Melissa Polo Landau hosted a summer kick-off at Marina St Barth in Southampton, NY which brought together followers of fashion with melissa’s extensive experience and the clothes of chic Marina St Barth.


David Aarons With Melissa Polo Landau & Adam Aarons

Angella Williams With Melissa Polo Landau & Christian Minnella

Commenting on the Hamptons fashion scene and this season’s trends, Melissa Polo Landau said, “The Hamptons fashion scene combines timeless classics like linen in neutral tones. The trendy are wearing crochet maxi dresses, or flowy drop waist dresses. Matching sets are still a fun option. In addition, the tennis skirt has also become a popular daytime choice among fashion enthusiasts.”

ABOUT: Melissa Polo Landau:

Melissa Polo Landau is in the vanguard of the revolution of fashion experts who are co-mingling styling with trailblazing ways of leveling up a client’s social media and networking presence. Using innovative marketing techniques and a knowledgeable fashion background in the industry, she has become the go-to leading authority who individuals turn to when they want a leg up in the workforce and beyond.  

An overall media expert in marketing, social media, and brand identity, she proves that you don’t need to be a celebrity to need a stylist. Known as “The Closet Therapist,” she has taken years to hone her craft of curating looks for women and men in need of a wardrobe update along with an equal standout presence for networking online and IRL. Clients end up looking fantastic at board meetings and work seminars just as equally as finding a fresh and bold new look on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.  

For more information and samples of work, please visit www.melissapololandau.com 

ABOUT: Marina St Barth:

Marina St Barth is a chic brand and boutique from the luxurious Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy. Marina St Barth currently has five locations: two in Palm Beach, Florida, Southampton and East Hampton, NY, and Naples, Florida.

A sun-kissed lifestyle boutique that delivers the experience of travel and provides immediate access to exclusive brands worldwide. Inspired by the art of travel through style, Marina personally casts around the world to bring its clientele the best brands with the best quality. 

For more information, please visit: www.marina-stbarth.com

Photos Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group /  Barbara Lynne Photography