Roots Of Military Science

At a VIP reception held at the Hall of the National Guard Association in Washington DC, Dr. Christina Rahm launched her latest book, Roots of Military Science: Understanding the Intersection of conflict, mental health and wellness. 

Discussing the motivation behind her decision to tackle the subject, Dr. Rahm said, “As a research scientist, I have had the opportunity to study a variety of different domains throughout my professional career.  The subject of Military science has long been of interest to me because I was able to find an international program based on learning and writing which was centered on critical thinking incorporating clinical science/research in various areas.  This was of special interest to me because of the work I have done in various areas throughout my career and due to my international career, which has so far entailed travelling to over 87 countries.   Although My work internationally has been predominately focused on healthcare and environmental work, while operating in these areas there were many times where I have found myself in the middle of a war zone, whether it was Lebanon, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, China, Ukraine, Russia or other countries. AND while I always prefer peace and resolution of disputes, I do understand that this is not always easily or quickly achievable.” 

Dr. Rahm’s new book Roots of Military Science: Understanding the Intersection of conflict, mental health and wellness is available to purchase online. 

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