Joyce Randolph And James Edstrom

Woke up to sad news. My friend of 40 yrs Joyce Randolph (Trixie Honeymooners) passed away last night at 99. 

Last time I spoke to Joyce was on our Birthday Oct 21st. For so many years we threw our birthday parties together with Julie Wilson & other celebrities. I can not tell you how many adventures we had together. She was Married to a great guy, Dick Charles. They had a great son Randy Charles.

 Years ago I talked them into renewing their wedding vows out in Long Island. When I picked them up at their Central Park West home in a stretch limo, Dick started to make a Vodka and Soda. Joyce was like, "Dick, It's 7am in the morning. Dick turned to her and said, Dammit Joyce, I'm getting married in a hour. Joyce turned to me and said, James, You Get me in more jams than Ralph Kramden ever could. " The wedding was picked up worldwide. 

Our birthdays brought out a cast of characters. Golden Girl Rue McClanahan hosted a couple of our wild Birthdays. Citizen Kane star Ruth Warrick showed up for one birthday and brought almost the whole cast of All My Children and One Life To Live. Subway gunman Bernie Goetz showed up with his pet Chinchilla who let him loose on the bar pooping everywhere. Syliva Miles was always the first to arrive to get the VIP Table and to tell us she was looking for acting roles. 

As we got older, Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff and Rita Cosby would host our birthdays in a secret private restaurant on 57th street. Very strange this happened last night. I had dinner with Frank Ottomanelli the butcher to the stars last night and I was telling him story after story on my adventures with Joyce Randolph. Somehow I must have known. RIP My Friend!