Jean Shafiroff

Julia Haart With Jean Shafiroff

Patrick McMullen

Friends of famed photographer Patrick McMullen gathered at the home of Martin and Jean Shafiroff in Southampton to celebrate the Blue Super Moon and his birthday.  The surprise last minute birthday party for Patrick brought 100 of his Hampton's friends and acquaintances together.  A dinner of sushi, pizza and birthday cake was served.  Patrick ended up photographing his own birthday party which is nothing new for him. He was quoted saying " The unexpected stars of the party were the Super Blue Moon and the super cool indoor swimming pool."   Music was provided by DJ Reggie Wells.


Jean Shafiroff With Ese Azenabor

Fern Mallis

Bonnie Pfeifer Evans And Dan Shedrick

Notable attendees included: Patrick McMullen, Martin and Jean Shafiroff, Julia Haart, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Josh Fox, William and Liliana Cavendish, Fern Mallis, Ese Azenabor, Piet Sinthuchai, Marcus Teo, Peter Som, Renee Cox, William Quigley, Ese Azenabor, Joanie McDonell, Richard Golub, Chris Clark, Rebecca Seawright, Patricia Silverstein,  Erin Larard, Jessie Frohman, Alex Hamer, Michael Reinert, David Hochberg, Kenneth and Maria Fishel, Afsaneh Akhtari, Eric Lerner, Nabys Vielman,  Lucia Hwong Gordon, Nicole Salmasi,  Francine Whitney, Lieba Nesis, Liela Pinto, Janna Bullock, Mark Masone.

Photos Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group / Patrick McMullan