Frederick Main With Jean Shafiroff, Mahmood Qannati & Joan Jedell

Jean Shafiroff With Mahmood Qannati

Qannati, the first luxury brand based in Paris, France and the Kingdom of Bahrain, held an exclusive VIP reception hosted by Hampton Sheet magazine Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Joan Jedell with cover star Jean Shafiroff at Blu Mar in Southampton, NY.  The well-heeled guests were able to see the one-of-a-kind precious wearable art high-jewelry collection “Mirages on Your Wrist” – a collection of wondrous Objets d’art created by Founder and CEO, Mahmood Qannati and designed by Artistic Director Frédéric Mané each priced between $85,000 and $195,000. 


Consuelo Vanderbilt

Bruce Blakeman & Segal Blakeman

A special opera performance by singer Massimiliano Cims added to the ambience at the outdoor space in the heart of the village of Southampton while guests experienced the unique wearable art objects created by Qannati. 


Ann Liguori With Scott Vallary

Cagri Kanver

Notable Attendees included: Mahmood Qannati (Founder, Qannati), Frédéric Mané (Master Designer and Artistic Director, Qannati), Joan Jedell (Hampton Sheet), Jean Shafiroff (Philanthropist), Thierry Chaunu (President, BeauGeste Luxury Brands - official exclusive agent for Qannati in North America), Bruce Blakeman (County Executive, Nassau County), Segal Blakeman, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Mary Snow, Ann Liguori, Scott Vallary, Zach Erdem, Cagri Kanver, Nicole Noonan, Steven Knobel, Bridget Marks-Isles, Philip Isles, Leiba Nesis, Dr. Barry Weintraub, Jill Sand.


Qannati Objet d’Art is Bahrain’s premier maker of precious, wearable art objects. The first luxury brand from Bahrain, dually based in Paris and Manama. It was founded in 2018 by Mahmood Qannati, a Bahraini-born global entrepreneur with a passion for history, a keen eye for art, and a love of fine craftsmanship.

Describing the unique qualities of the Qannati brand, Mr. Qannati commented: “To realize my vision of unique wearable art objects a reality, I partnered with two of France’s most exceptional master craftsmen. The jewelry “conceptor” and designer Frédéric Mané, named Artistic Director of Qannati; and Jothi-Sèroj Ebroussard, a master jeweler and sculptor, have joined the team, bringing their impeccable “Métiers d’Art” sensibility to Qannati’s masterpieces. They both challenge the norm and bring a multiverse of facets in their work”.

The premier maker of precious wearable art objects, Qannati Objet d’Art, launched “Celebration of Time,” its debut collection of Eternity bracelets and Quantum timepieces, at an exclusive, invitation-only presentation in Paris during Couture Week.

“Each masterpiece represents a chapter in the history of mankind, from the dawn of time immemorial to the first spark of life on earth, and the possibilities that the future holds ahead,” Mahmood Qannati said. “We believe in exclusivity, which is why each masterpiece is unique because each life experience is unique.”

Photos Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group / Patrick McMullan