Jean Shafiroff With Jennifer Allsop And Bryan Griffin

Jennifer Allsop With Kevin McManamon & Diana Cochran

A Conversation at the home of Diana Cochran co-founder and partner AspenOut highlights issues and announces Inaugural Fundraising Event in East Hampton on September 16th, 2023.

Francesco’s Foundation is a 501c(3) registered charity created to help prevent teenage suicide through providing financial support for education in schools, where the focus will be on prevention of all types of bullying including and in particular that of the LGBTQ+ community, education about the risks of teenagers engaging in dangerous activities on-line, education about the risks of leaving fire-arms unsecured with teenagers in the house - all of which contribute to heightening risks of teenage suicide. 


Jean Shafiroff

Cagri Kanver

Francesco’s Foundation has been set up by Francesco’s mother, Diana Cochran and her partner, Jennifer Allsop to honor the memory of Francesco and to help reduce the terrible risk of teenage suicide by providing financial help for charities investing in the education of teenage mental health to protect the mental health of teenagers and help prevent more unnecessary teenage suicides.  Educational partners include the Yes Institute represented by Joseph Zolobczuk, a non-profit with 27 years of experience working with schools and communities helping to prevent bullying of all kinds.  We are creating a program together in Francesco’s name. 


Ali Mitchell

A launch reception for the Foundation was held at Diana’s home in Water Mill, New York and was attended by a number of supporters of this important initiative.  Notable Attendees included; Diana Cochran, Jennifer Allsop, Kevin McManamon, Jean Shafiroff, Luisa Diaz, Sara Shala, Elana Gibbs, Elton Ilirjani, Cagri Kanver, Katlean de Monchy, Noreen Donovan, James Byrnes, Ali Mitchell, Tijana Ibrahimovic, Jean Schluter Ryan, Kimberly Kuliga, Timothy Whealon, Katherine Holabird, Adriana Kaegi, Erin Uritus, Brian Brady, Bryan Griffin, Gwen Sbordone, Vicky Cardaro, Debbie Bancroft.


Elton Ilirjani

The foundation has set the date for an inaugural fundraiser this Saturday, September 16th, 2023 in partnership with AspenOut.  The evening will be hosted by Cassandra Peterson. AKA, Elvira. DJ Bryan Griffin (Gr1fin) will also be performing. EHP Resort & Marina is a striking nine-acre waterfront resort, marina, and event destination inspired by a modern Mediterranean ethos.

About Francesco’s Foundation:

Francesco’s Foundation’s is a 501c(3) registered charity whose mission is to promote hope and prevent teen suicide. The Organization has a holistic vision for how to achieve this goal and provide grants to a range of organizations and individuals. Francesco’s Foundation partner with organizations that work to end online and offline bullying of LGBTQ+ teens who are most at risk, increase access to mental health and other supportive services, promote awareness of best practices for firearm storage, and more. In addition, the Charity also provide grants for supportive services and college tuition. 

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