Lizzie Asher

Mick Jagger & Melanie Hamrick

Mexican writer Laura Esquivel’s poignant romance Like Water for Chocolate once again brought together the best of the Latin world to celebrate the beginning of ABT’s Summer Season. This time as an adaptation into a three-act ballet featuring the award-winning team of choreographer Christopher Wheeldon, conductor Alondra de la Parra, composer Joby Talbot, with scenery and costumes by Bob Crowley. Talbot’s music infused the Metropolitan Opera House with the sounds of indigenous instruments like a bean pod shaker rattle, the cedar flute and the guitar, performed by Mexican guest artist Tomas Barreiro. Latino support for ABT’s largest production in Company history came from philanthropists like Lizzie Asher who co-Chaired the evening and Maribel Lieberman, founder of Maribel New York, whose outstanding chocolate creations sweetened the festivities.

Maribel Lieberman

Katie Holmes

Guests were mesmerized by the performance of principal dancers Cassandra Trenary as Tita and Argentinian Herman Cornejo as Pedro in the lead roles. The June Gala honored Yolanda Santos, Founding Member of ABT’s Global Council and Founder of Ballet de Monterrey, and Laura Esquivel, author of the best-selling and beloved novel, Like Water for Chocolate.


Adrien Lesser

Casey Kohlberg

Event Chairs included: Alfonso Arau, Sarah Arison, Lizzie Asher, Avery and Andy Barth, Emily Blavatnik, Malcolm Carfrae, Lumi Cavazos, Katie Couric & John Molner, Susan and Leonard Feinstein, Melanie Hamrick & Mick Jagger, and Sutton Stracke.  Junior chairs for the event were Casey Kohlberg and Emily Reifel.

The evening’s champagne reception and black-tie dinner were attended by: Katie Holmes, Mick Jagger & Melanie Hamrick, Jason Rodriguez, Misty Copeland, Candace Bushnell, Maribel Lieberman, Alexandra O’Neil, Prince Sanders, Cara Che, Tai Cheng, Lumi Cavazos, Quentin Grimes, B Michael, Mark-Anthony Edwards, Amy Astley, Cynthia Rowley, Wilson Cruz, Joselo Rangel, Tony Plana, Marysol Castro, Prabal Gurang, Chris Lowell, Tia Adeola, Carly Cushnie.

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