The New York Center For Children

The New York Center for Children Board, Junior Board, Staff, and Volunteers, were honored to participate in the New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell Ceremony on April 3, 2023.  It raised attention to the need for child abuse prevention and the life-changing, therapy services provided by the Center to help children heal from abuse.  

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The New York Center for Children is raising awareness about the prevalence of child abuse and the importance of working together to keep children safe. One in 5 children experience abuse or neglect before age 18. NYCC was proud to kick off Child Abuse Prevention month by ringing the opening bell to bring awareness to our vital mission of healing and preventing child abuse.

NYCC's Board, Junior Board, staff and volunteers were honored to participate in the NYSE Opening Bell Ceremony.

For 28 years, The New York Center for Children (NYCC) has been providing life-changing services to help children heal from abuse. NYCC provides trauma-focused therapy services to children, youth and families from all five boroughs, free of charge, for as long as their healing requires. 

About The New York Center for Children (NYCC):

Founded in 1995 with the support of the late Broadway producer Marty Richards and philanthropist Georgette Mosbacher as a child-friendly center, NYCC provides comprehensive evaluation and trauma informed therapy services to victims of child abuse and their families. NYCC also offers professional training on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of child abuse. All of the programs and services to children and families at NYCC are completely free of charge. NYCC is a not-for-profit organization that relies on donations to cover the costs of operations. NYCC serves all families, including those without insurance. In addition to evaluation and treatment, the children at NYCC also benefit from tutoring, mentoring and extracurricular events. NYCC serves children from all five boroughs of New York City. The child-friendly space is located at 333 East 70th Street, on Manhattan's Upper East Side. 

For more information on NYCC, please visit:

I: thenewyorkcenterforchildren 

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T: @NYCC_org

 Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group /NYSE