Marion Waxman With Dr. Samuel Waxman

The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF), a leading international organization dedicated to eradicating cancer hosted an exclusive networking event, introducing the Foundation’s new Associate Board leadership – Jessica Lynch, Bryan Griffin, and Elena Gibbs. The event was designed to engage new to mid-level professionals in advancing cancer research. Attendees heard from an SWCRF-funded investigator, Dr. Julio Aguirre-Ghiso from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, who discussed recent progress in the fight against cancer thanks to SWCRF investments. 

Guests were encouraged to learn more about the SWCRF Associate Board and sign up for the Step Up to Turn Cancer Off virtual fundraising event taking place on June 19 to 26, 2023. 

Jessica Lynch With Bryan Griffin And Elena Gibbs

Attendees enjoyed music by DJ Roman Chapelle and were treated to cocktails supplied by sponsor Celosa Rose Tequila and snacks donated by Eataly. 

Notable attendees at the event included, Dr. Samuel Waxman, Marion Waxman, James Ingram, Dr. Julio A. Aguirre-Ghiso, Jessica Lynch, Brian Griffin, Elena Gibbs, William T. Sullivan, Mark Friedman, DJ Roman Chapelle. 

About The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation:

The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation is an international organization dedicated to curing and preventing cancer. The Foundation is a pioneer in cancer research and its mission is to eradicate cancer by funding cutting-edge research that identifies and corrects abnormal gene function that causes cancer and develops minimally toxic treatments for patients. Through the Foundation’s collaborative group of world-class scientists, the Institute Without Walls, investigators share information and tools to speed the pace of cancer research. Since its inception in 1976, the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation has awarded more than $100 million to support the work of more than 200 researchers across the globe. For more information, visit

Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group