James Edstrom With Jerry Springer

Very sad that Talk Show Legend and friend Jerry Springer has died at age 79.

I first met Jerry Springer believe it or not at  Food Emporium supermarket for a charity event with Sarah Jessica Parker and supermodel Vandela over 30 years ago. I was really excited to meet him, he had just started his show and I loved watching when I had time.

Jerry Springer was friendly from the start. The supermarket was still open during this charity event and I asked Sarah Jessica Parker and Jerry Springer for a photo behind the deli counter. Of course Jerry Springer said Let's go and Jerry and Sarah Jessica went behind the counter for some photos. Customers not knowing who they were started going up to the counter and ordering items and not to miss a beat, Jerry and Jessica put on gloves and started serving customers. I was on the floor laughing so so hard. 

I really got to know Jerry Springer when I met Snapple Lady Wendy Kaufman on a plane to Chicago. I had known Wendy from the clubs around New York City. She said she was going to a Jerry Springer event that night at the Hilton in Chicago and asked if I wanted to come. She said she was good friends with Linda Shafran Jerry's publicist and it would be fun. Of Course I jumped at the chance, I loved Jerry Springer. 

Jerry Springer On Double Decker Bus In Times Square

 That night I not only hung out with Jerry, but I met a friend of my lifetime, Jerrys publicist Linda Shafran. Linda hired me right away to do photos for the show. The job of a lifetime. I loved it. The staff at The Jerry Springer Show were the nicest people in the world. They did everything to make me feel welcome, I was in heaven. The proudest thing was, I got to wear my Jerry Springer Security Shirt. Man, I loved that shirt. I would fly home from Chicago wearing it and people would come up to me and yell Jerry Jerry Jerry. 

I was photographer on many show sets, The Joan Rivers Show, The Rolonda Show, I met every movie star in the world on those shows, but the fun was on the set with Linda Shafran and Jerry Springer. My trips to Chicago I just loved and I loved hanging out in the Jerry Springer offices with Linda Shafran. To this day she is still my friend. 

The Famed Jerry Springer Sandwich At Carnegie Deli

I did many fun parties with Jerry Springer in New York City. I arranged the Jerry Springer sandwich at New Yorks Famed Carnage Deli, I arranged his hand prints at Planet Hollywood where I sat down for lunch with Jerry and talked for hours. I threw a party for Jerry's 3000th show at a New York City Club. I did photo shoots with Jerry Springer in Times Square on top of a double decker bus. Fun times.

I am going to miss Jerry Springer. Jerry was just a all around nice guy. The adventures with Jerry Springer and Linda Shafran I will remember forever. Jerry had a one of a kind life.

Photos By James Edstrom / Times Square Gossip