Chef Meze Creations

This summer Hamptonites will have something new and exciting to boast about with the grand opening of the gourmet catering company Chef Meze.  With its official launch set for Spring, Chef Meze will offer divinely scrumptious menus and white-glove service for all types of parties and affairs throughout the region. 

Be it weddings or anniversaries, special birthdays, fundraisers, a casual beach soirée or any other type of celebration imaginable, Chef Meze will work hand in hand with its clients to ensure that each event is uniquely curated to affirm the refined and individual tastes of every client. The primary goal of this prominent catering company is to take each of their clients on unique and delectable culinary journeys and create momentous experiences which last a lifetime.

Chef Meze was birthed from the creative minds of visionary investment partner and developer Cagri Kanver and famed Executive Chef Yılmaz Güney of East Hampton’s popular destination restaurant El Turco. The eagerly anticipated catering company will produce top-notch events showcasing their amazing culinary creations while providing the highest level of service and hospitality throughout the Hamptons. With its talented team and diverse capabilities, Chef Meze is currently taking appointments for client tastings.

Executive Chef Yilmaz and the rest of the Chef Meze team are honored to have the privilege to be a part of this exciting new launch into the Hamptons that will provide five-star service and luxurious settings along with cuisine that boasts menus from every corner of the world. From traditional American dishes to distinct Middle Eastern plates, all of the options available from Chef Meze are both delicious and superbly unique. 

Menus are curated to ensure seasonal flavors are interwoven with all natural ingredients as these highly skilled chefs create each menu option. The overall effect is a seamlessly executed event that enhances your vision for the perfect party. You can expect true culinary professionals that will work hand in hand with you to produce menu offerings that perfectly align with your personality and elevates your event experience. 

“As professionals, we understand that we are often being asked to play a large role in a significant life event such as a wedding or a precious celebration of any sort,” states Chef. Yilmaz. “When entrusted with this responsibility we are thankful, humbled, and instantly become enthusiastic about the opportunity to showcase and tailor our offerings to your specific needs. And remember, in addition to our delicious edibles, we are also highly skilled in pairing the perfect beverages with our curated menus to truly compliment the overall guest experience.” 

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Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group