Crown Princess Katherine Of Serbia & Crown Prince Alexander

HRH Crown Prince Alexander and HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia hosted the Annual Lifeline New York Benefit Dinner at The Lotos Club in New York City In aid of children’s hospitals in Serbia.

Lifeline Humanitarian Organization is an international effort founded 30 years ago in 1993 as an urgent response to the tragic humanitarian situation in the former Yugoslavia, which was afflicted by conflict and sanctions. The goal of Lifeline is to reduce and relieve the suffering of physically and mentally disabled children, orphans, the elderly as well as to improve medical facilities in the country.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander addressed the guests at the Dinner and then HRH Crown Princess Katherine thanked her husband, and everyone involved with the Lifeline Foundation, “My humanitarian efforts for Serbia started 3 decades ago by providing medical equipment for the University Children Hospital in Belgrade. Children, their health and their well-being are in the very core of all my humanitarian activities, as well as the activities of my foundation in Belgrade and all Lifeline humanitarian organizations whose patron I am. There is a very difficult situation with children’s hospitals in Serbia and they need to be equipped properly, much better than now, in order for our doctors and nurses to provide appropriate care for our sick children.”

HRH Crown Princess Katherine then spoke regarding the importance of helping children in Serbia.   Humanitarian items were donated such as clothing, paintings and portraits which were auctioned.

The attendees also enjoyed the musical performance by singer Gwyneth Giangrande alongside pianist Nick Guerrero.

Notable attendees included: Patron HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia and HRH Crown Prince Alexander, HE Ms. Olgica Vlacic, Bishop Irinej, fashion editor Rushka Bergman, Catherine Broadbent, Jack Hartnett, TV personality Tijana Ibrahimovic, entrepreneur Cheri Kaufman,  fashion designer Nicole Miller, Peter Pizzino, Kyle Wool President of Wealth Managemen at Revere Securities, Soo Wool, EF Hutton CEO Joseph T. Rallo, Ashley Rallo, Greg Roumeliotis, Gillian Tullman Whealen, Ryan Whealen, David Boral, Lisa Boral, Maryanne Grisz FGI president, Ana Martins, Ted Kim, Sun Song, Ivan Martinovic, Kristina Martinovic, Ella Legresley, Nicole Legresley, Bill Schlight, Nadia Martincic, Jay Yu, Seo Pak, Mara Radulovic, Nanad Grmusa, Kristina Bundra, Greg and Sheila Giangrande, Dr. Benjamin Sadock, Dr Virginia Sadock.

Lifeline’s Board of Directors includes David Hryck (President), Susan Gutfreund (Vice President and SKG Decor), Cheri Kaufman (Vice President), Slobodan Bekvalac, David W. Boral, Dragana Djuknic, Anthony Hayes, Peter Pizzino, Joseph T. Rallo, Kyle Wool and Bojana Jankovic Weatherly M.D.

About Lifeline:

Lifeline New York is a 501c(3) registered not-for-profit whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and was  established in Belgrade in 2001, to improve the health and welfare of all those in need in Serbia regardless of religion or ethnic origin.

For further information concerning Lifeline, please visit

T: @LifelineNYorg | I: @Lifelinenewyork

Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group