Paris Hilton And Drew Barrymore

In celebration of her new Memoir, Paris Hilton and her Media Company 11:11, partnered with TSX Entertainment to take over the largest billboard in Times Square on March 22.  The campaign featured 15 second clips of Paris, her celebrity friends, and it invited all women to elevate their voices and share with the world the story of who they truly are.  To take back their narratives. The movements hashtag #THISISWHOIAM is trending not only in Times Square, but on social media too.

The  #THISISWHOIAM campaign kicked off Wednesday on the TSX Billboard with Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tiffany Haddish, Gigi Gorgeous and more.  Paris was a large part of the campaign with one billboard quoting her Memoir “THE PEOPLE WHO HURT YOU DON’T GET TO HAVE THE LAST WORD.  YOU GET TO TELL THE STORY OF YOU, AND YOUR STORY HAS MORE POWER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.” PARIS HILTON, Paris: The Memoir.

Angela Severiano

PARIS TWEETED: "Im so amazed watching the live camera of all your beautiful faces on the Times Square billboard.  Huge thanks so my incredible friends and my amazing Little Hiltons for joining me on this mission".


Local NYC Mom and Philanthropist Angela Severiano was also featured in the Campaign.  Paris Hilton’s campaign is especially meaningful to Angela, to share the parts of her that are the most important.  First, being the mother to Landon.  “It was surreal and a bucket list moment to be part of this meaningful campaign.  By nature, I am reserved, so it was very liberating to see myself on the largest screen in Times Square, speaking my truth, with all these phenomenal women.” 

Angela Severiano is an Upper East Side Philanthropist, Financial Services and Cyber Security Consultant, and the mother of Landon.  Angela has commentated on Fox News and has appeared on BOLD! TV.

Angela spent the better part of the last decade leading business development globally for financial services firm: Duff and Phelps. She is also passionate about giving back,  has launched many initiatives, and is most proud of launching Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move!™ in New York City at Asphalt Green.

Photos Courtesy Of Angela Severiano &  Oscar Sierra