Anna Wilding

Nov 2022 - Los Angeles, CA – From  iconic award-winning independent  filmmaker Anna Wilding (“BUDDHA WILD” and The Obama “CELEBRATE HOPE,” Collection, Consultant Lord of the Rings- 2001-2003 ) comes a documentary for the ultimate  cinema and  1969 Woodstock fan.  WOODSTOCK: The Age of Innocence is a full-length documentary feature film focusing on the original, authentic Woodstock music festival, seeking out where the people are today and revisiting the history and legacy of the iconic festival’s impact on the music industry.

Directed, produced, and hosted by Wilding, the feature documentary marks the first release and the launch of Broader Horizon Entertainment, a motion picture production company.

WOODSTOCK: The Age of Innocence features music and never-before-captured interviews exploring the context of the wider music scene in the late 1960’s and 1970’s through to the present-day including appearances by Bob Marley’s The Wailers, now led by Aston Martin Junior.   Wilding will chronicle musicians like Jimi Hendrix,  Melanie Safka, Santana, Sha Na Na, Earth Wind & Fire, and many more.

“We have been fortunate enough to secure the music rights and interviews from leading talent and capture new footage that provides a fresh perspective on this iconic festival,” said Producer Anna Wilding. “Fans who thought they’ve seen it all will hopefully look at the festival with an original lens after watching the film.”

Known for her breathtaking photography in creating The Obama CELEBRATE HOPE Collection which has spanned America and the parts of the world over the last years on tour, Wilding’s acclaim over the past twenty years comes from producing A-list music videos and feature films (including consulting on the first Lord of the Rings trilogy for New Line) as well as documentaries including Buddha Wild.

Wilding is joined by Australian Voice and American Idol Casting Producer Julie Donsky, Grammy Award winning Editor Heidi Scharfe (Linda Ronstadt), Emmy Award winning composer Charles David Denler (who worked with Wilding on Buddha Wild) and producer Glenn Sturm.

“Woodstock was the catalyst for other music festivals like Harlem Music Festival, Randell Island, Ultima, US, Coachella, and Burning Man,” said Wilding. “Our documentary also explores the impact of Woodstock on the next generation of artists and focuses on the authenticity of the original Woodstock.”

Wilding is also planning an original film soundtrack along with the documentary film by Emmy Award winning Charles David Denler.


Anna Wilding is award-winning director producer, actress, writer, and a master photographer.  Wilding’s acclaimed body of works included the acclaimed exhibition and luxury photography book “Celebrate Hope,” the Obama Collection. Wilding’s limited NFT Collection she created in 2021 is highly sought after.  As a Hollywood film industry veteran, Wilding has consulted on the Lord of the Rings franchise and remains one of the most sought-after production and executive consultants. Anna’s artwork can be found at and NFT’s can be found at

Photo Courtesy Of Anna Wilding