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Thursday, October 12, 2017



Anna Wilding

Actress Anna Wilding released the following statement about allegations on Harvey Weinstein today.

Dirty Harvey Weinstein
Everyone knew about Harvey. I myself had several occasions dealing with Miramax.One year at Cannes Film Festival 2 male colleagues stepped in and physically shielded me from Harvey when we were about to go up on an elevator together. I was one of the women who stood up and said No to men for this kind of behavior. I walked away from it, from major contracts. It disgusts me to read the lengths Harvey went to. Assault is reprehensible. Harvey is not alone in his behavior. There were and are others. And everyone knew and knows. Sadly some girls Were complicit, or worse assaulted. If you are one of those who said No like me You suffered. Saying No cost me my acting career, income  and denied me opportunities.I have been assaulted before. It's not pleasant.

Photo Courtesy Of & Copyright By: Nina Prommer via Anna Wilding / Media Punch Inc

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Emily Davidow with Anna Wilding and Dr. Judy Kuriansky

The first New York screening of Buddha Wild Monk in a Hut ,the engaging and captivating feature documentary by Anna Wilding was well attended recently with an enthusiastic audience talking about the film and cheering Anna on for her work for sometime afterwards. A reception was held prior and over 80 guests attended the screening including celebrated artist Peter Tunny and his wife Amy, Lord Colin Campbell, author Jane Bernard, Jon Dozario, Rose Hartman, Dr Judy Kuriansky, Bhante Apake, Revered Bhante Punysari and many more. Anna Wilding gave a Q @ A afterwards and then many retired to Mesa Grill and stayed well past closing.
Photos By: Wireimage

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Richie Rich and Anna Wilding

Buddah Wild Monk In A Hut

The long limbs of voluptuous beauty Anna Wilding are reaching all the way to India. Anna Wilding's film " Buddha Wild Monk in a Hut " was recently selected for a major film festival in India -IFFTAC. "Buddha Wild" also played at SAG Foundation Screening series and cinemas in Los Angeles garnering critics pick several times. "Buddha Wild" has been called a "heartwarming, charming and illuminating film", "a must see" and "an affectionate film with an utter lack of pretension". New Yorkers can see the humble feature at a special screening at Tibet house on Wednesday March 19th at 7pm. The golden haired gal herself will be there for a discussion afterwards. Tickets only cost 20.00 and can be bought online at or at . Executive Director of Tibet House Ganden Thurman organized the screening.Tibet House was founded by the Dalai Lama and Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman and holds amongst its trustees Phillip Glass, Uma Thurman and other notable New York luminaries. Tibet house also has their Year of the Rat benefit concert on Wednesday 13th March at Carnegie Hall. Incidentally it is rumored,according to imdb and industry sources, that Anna Wilding has been cast as the Nordic goddess - Freya, no less in the European sci fi film The Second World now in development.
Photos Copyright By: Carpe Diem Films LLC

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Anna Wilding gets a light from Joel Sherman

Anna Wilding enjoys her Cigar with Joel Sherman

At an exclusive preview party for the new emporium of internationally famed Tobacconist to the World, Nat Sherman at 12 East 42nd Street, voluptuous New Zealand actress Anna Wilding got a special lesson in cigar smoking from Joel Sherman scion of the legendary Nat. After several attempts and gentle guidance from Sherman, Wilding finally got it together to puff happily for the rest of the evening. The comely actress and director is in the Big Apple to promote her new films Buddha Wild and Stanley Cuba.Catching up with the sassy lady from down-under, Anna told us,” I had forgotten how to puff to light a cigar. I don’t really smoke that often but there’s nothing like a good cigar once in a while”. She came to the right teacher. Several years ago when actor Jimmy Smits came to Broadway to do Anna in the Tropics, Sherman instructed him in how to look really menacing when puffed. It’s an art that Smits has truly mastered. The opening sequence of his hit TV show Cane in which he portrays a Miami rum baron has him in clouds of cigar smoke a he gazes over his sugar cane fields! The tobacco emporium will have a celeb studded grand opening December 12.
Photos By: James Edstrom