Double Happiness

New York City comedian Turner Sparks spent twelve years living in Suzhou, China, a journey that ended with a marriage to his Chinese bride Ye Ye.  He and Ye Ye then spent two years staring at each other in a one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment during a global pandemic. In “Double Happiness”, Sparks ties together stories from the mountains of China, to the apple orchards of Pennsylvania, to the streets of Brooklyn as he tells the tale of their truly unique, yet hilariously familiar pandemic.

Double Happiness sees Turner come into his own as a premier comedic storyteller while maintaining the strong observational comedy muscle he displayed on his 2019 debut album Turner Sparks Live from the Friars Club.  

On Double Happiness’ stand-out track “Career Day”, Turner hilariously claims that America is doing better with the pandemic than it was a year ago because “A year ago I got asked to speak at a high school career day while I was on unemployment”. 

On “Apple Picking is a Scam” Turner makes an equally strong observation when he says “Apple Picking is an activity that you pay someone to do, that you would not do if they paid you”. 

Turner Sparks At Friars Club

While most tracks lead with a cutting, universal observation, the pay-offs come in the form of the punchline-filled, self-deprecating personal stories he tells to back up his initial claims.  This is how Turner manages to tell us that he got vaccinated too early, he’s joining the Navy, he’s contracted the Black Plague and so much more, without any of it feeling contrived or even controversial. 

Turner’s ability to present his material in an exasperated yet conversational manner will remind you of that friend you had in high school who was always late with his homework but somehow charmed the teacher into passing him anyway. 

By the end of the album, you find yourself rooting for your new best friend Turner Sparks as he clumsily attempts to propose to his future wife at a sleazy motel near a shut-down mountain in rural China.

Double Happiness is set for worldwide release on September 30, 2022 on Comedy Dynamics/ Git R Done Records (Larry The Cable Guy’s record label). It is available for pre-order digitally here: https://orcd.co/turnersparksdoublehappiness, and in physical form here: https://www.turnersparks.com/buy-my-album.  

Turner Sparks will be touring worldwide in 2022-2023 to support the release with stops in California, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan, Mexico, Australia and more.  All dates are available at https://linktr.ee/TurnerSparks

After Turner’s 2019 debut album Live From The Friars Club, also on Comedy Dynamics/ Git R Done Records went to #2 in America on the iTunes Charts, the expectations are high for Double Happiness. 

Born in California, award-winning comedian Turner Sparks started his comedy career in 2009 in Suzhou, China by founding Mainland China's first stand-up comedy club, Kung Fu Komedy. Turner’s comedy is clean and non-political by design, while being global in perspective and brutally honest by nature.  It brings together audiences of all ages, nationalities and genders for one common goal: laughter. 

Or as Sparks puts it, “No matter where you are from or what you believe, I guarantee you will think I’m an idiot”. 

Now a worldwide performer and a headliner across Asia, Australia and the US, Sparks has performed in 15 countries and continues to draw rave reviews with his razor-sharp punch lines, quick wit and cross-cultural appeal.  

Turner Sparks is the host of the popular “Lost in America” Podcast on iTunes, a show that has gone to #1 in iTunes Stand-Up Comedy Charts in Albania, Armenia, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, El Salvador, South Korea and Ukraine. While living in Asia, Sparks often popped up on the small screen in the form of China’s Zhejiang International Channel, International Channel Shanghai and Suzhou Broadcasting Station, as well as Vietnam’s VTC Television.

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Sparks performs hundreds of shows a year throughout the world and was awarded “Best of the Fest” at the Akumal Comedy Festival presented by Stand Up Records,  “1st Runner Up” in the 2015 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition and “Best of the Fest” at the 2016 Burbank Comedy Festival (Los Angeles). 

To learn more visit www.TurnerSparks.com

Photos Courtesy Of Turner Sparks