Cagri Kanver

Cagri Kanver is one of America’s most notable contenders in the world of emerging real estate developments after completing numerous successful ventures. With a powerful vision of creating a high growth and vertically integrated real estate, the scope of his work provides a broad range of services and products with an objective of supporting worldwide positive benefits to the industry.

Kanver is a man on a mission, with a vision to redefine industry standards and revolutionize how we look at real estate development.  Inspired by his own commitment to projects, he is constantly developing fresh concepts and innovative ideas in the market. 

This entrepreneur has worked across multiple industries as both an investor and startup entrepreneur culminating in his success today. From a young businessperson to his ensuing years as a leader, he has been involved in a significant number of early-stage companies, ranging from proprietary building systems to real estate holding companies. Firm financial investments are only matched by his unique experiences and relationships garnered along the way. All has culminated in the establishment of his title used by some to describe him ‘as the man with the golden touch’ in the real estate world. Like Midas, he seeks to turns every project he is associated with into a golden return for investors. A substantial number of individuals, from start-up businesses all the way to major corporations have experienced substantial growth due to his skills. 

The entrepreneur’s projects combined are a magnitude in excess of $100 million of project costs.  More importantly, they have provided major returns to the investors which he brought into the deals.  A recently completed project in the heart of Brooklyn, NY yielded an internal rate of return for investors to gain significant ROI.  In that project Kanver delivered millions of dollars of equity and sourced a significant amount of the construction materials from Turkey. 

Spearheading a project such as this, Kanver is seen both as the deal maker and a significant player in all aspects of the real estate industry both in the United States as well as his native country Turkey. 

Having already executed a significant number of development projects and acquisitions along with a strong commitment to acquire future growth and evaluations is just a small commitment to his client base.

He has provided similar service and function in conjunction with other significant developers in Miami, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. Recently worked alongside a prominent developer in Brooklyn to raise equity for several large-scale projects. He is poised to provide the construction material for that project as he has done prior.

Cagri is also the Founding Partner of RED Company which is a Leading Real Estate Networking Company based in New York that produces the Annual RED Awards promoting excellence in the Industry.

With his remarkable and eclectic background he is widely viewed as an industry leader and trend-setter. A perfect example is his newest development in East Hampton, New York – the wildly popular El Turco. The Miami-transplanted restaurant soared this summer with rave reviews and was applauded for accomplishing the task of turning an old nightclub spot into a hot new restaurant in less than a month. The major real estate deal maker alongside El Turco founders Nurdan Gur Yuzbasioglu and Gokhan Yuzbasioglu with Frank Cilione, the longtime operator of the dual restaurant and nightlife venue in East Hampton, made the grand opening of the MICHELIN award-ranking restaurant a culinary destination. His breathtaking work captivated guests out East with a new, rich dining experience of fully authentic Turkish-Ottoman inspired food in a stunning venue. Adding property that impresses the culinary world is just another attractive feather in his cap.

Possessing both a Master’s degree in architecture, as well as an MBA in the field is a combination that puts Kanver in the unique position of not only being fully capable of structuring a real estate deal, but also bringing all the necessary components of the fundamental building blocks of a location. He can also find necessary financing to bring the deal to the finish line. His business prowess has been recognized by GYODER, the Association of Real Estate Investors in Turkey, which has made him the representative of its United States Chapter.

Kanver is also a partner in Watermark Investments, a family office and limited liability company which invests in and syndicates real estate projects, throughout the United States. He has provided the structure and financing for their projects throughout the United States.

Photo Courtesy of Lawlor Media Group / Gokhan Firat