Strands for Trans Takes Down Ted Cruz

 In 2017, Barba Grooming Salon in NYC introduced Strands for Trans, a movement to create trans-friendly barbershops and salons across the country. In response to the anti-trans legislation being passed by legislators in states such as Texas, Strands for Trans is calling out the bad legislation and in the case of some of these  politicians - their bad hair. 

The recent campaign, ‘Transphobe Takedowns,’ stars pop-culture icon Billy Porter and multi-faceted poet and influencer Lynae Vanee who cut down two Texas Legislators with their quick wit. The campaign was inspired by the scene in Porter’s Emmy Award winning show POSE, when Dominique Jackson’s character Elektra “Reads a Transphobe for Filth”. 

Billy Porter, commenting on the goals of the Campaign said, “These politicians have no business trying to dictate and legislate who you are and are not allowed to be. Hell no.” 

The #TransphobeTakedowns campaign has been targeting the phones of legislators. Petty? Maybe a little. Necessary? 100%.

Strands For Trans Takes Down Greg Abbott

In the end, the campaign is designed to create positive change for the trans community. Each of the #TransphobeTakedowns concludes with a call to action to, where owners of inclusive barbershops and salons can add their businesses to the Strands for Trans registry and trans allies can write to their legislators demanding an end to anti-trans legislation. With over 7,500+ salons already registered, it’s safe to say anti-trans legislators are about to have very full inboxes. And some very bad, bad-hair days.


Strands for Trans was founded in 2017 by Barba Grooming Salon in collaboration with Terri & Sandy, an advertising agency based in New York. It was born to fight discrimination against the trans community in barber shops and salons across the country and established the world's first registry of trans-friendly spaces. Due to the recent wave of anti-trans legislation, the Strands for Trans movement has experienced explosive growth and has garnered coverage on news shows across the country.

About BARBA Grooming Salon:

For years boutiques and barbershops have coexisted, separate entities serving different clients. Barba has united these two different services in a single place, offering high-end boutique services and more modestly priced traditional barbering under a single roof, led by Xavier Cruz. This Grooming Boutique is provided by a highly experienced and well-regarded staff. Throughout their years in business they have strived to continuously help their community through several different selfless efforts. Whether that be to give makeovers to homeless LGBTQ teens, or create a worldwide initiative called Strands for Trans, to provide a safe haven for transgender individuals just looking to get a haircut, or creating a unique way for men to get tested for testicular cancer while getting a free haircut appropriately named, Pay With Your Balls. Barba will always look to help their community in any way they can.

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