MarieBelle For Saks Fifth Avenue

MarieBelle New York offers the perfect way to show appreciation any time of the year with significant gifts for corporate gifts, weddings, baby showers, party favors, branded events or anything you like! 

Make a lasting impression with gourmet chocolates and made-to-order selections from the legendary house of artisan Maribel Lieberman. Sophisticated chocolate expressions offer special treats with logos or any designs you wish. Want to see how your custom chocolates will look? Email your logo and info to and MarieBelle New York will send you a free digital mock-up. 

MarieBelle artisan chocolates are known as the most desirable ganaches around the globe. Loved by clients in a variety of global corporate settings, these favors are as unique as their recipients. A company can have a selected design or logo placed on individual boxes, as well as on the ganaches themselves. 

A perfect chocolaty something simply shows just how much you value someone. Showing appreciation in an impressive presentation perfectly demonstrates this no matter the occasion. MarieBelle Chocolates’ signature artisanal ganache, as well as lavish truffles and tantalizing chocolate bars inspire the appetite for giving and eating.

Relish in the sweetest gift for any important moment with MarieBelle New York’s artfully wrapped and customized luxury candy confections that are available in-store, or delivered same day anywhere in the Manhattan area. 

Woman-owned MarieBelle New York is a world-renowned luxurious global chocolate company. Their fine art edibles are produced in their Brooklyn factory with retail locations throughout New York City and Japan. 

Maribel Lieberman, Founder & CEO, grew up on the cacao fields of Honduras. Her rich knowledge of cacao along with her enterprising sensibilities have allowed Maribel to empower other hard-working women of the cacao farms. Her combined passion for chocolate and fashion has inspired her to continuously reinvent how we enjoy and experience the delectable and indulgent world of chocolate. 

For almost two decades, MarieBelle New York has been tantalizing both the eyes and the palate with her sophisticated chocolate expressions. Whether it is their signature artisanal ganache lavish truffles and bars, or their incomparable Aztec Hot Chocolate (listed on Oprah's Favorite Things) - the name MarieBelle is synonymous with everything that is refined, beautifully designed and decadent. 

“Life is all about the pleasure and happiness we find in food, art and beauty.” – Maribel Lieberman, Chocolatier 

MarieBelle New York (SoHo)

484 Broome Street

New York, NY 10013

(212) 925-6999 x1 

MarieBelle at the Kitano Hotel (Midtown)

66 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10016

(212) 885-7177

Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group