Ajar By Artist Don Hershman

Artist Don Hershman recently opened his work studio featuring a variety of his original work including his latest Barn series. Don's studio is located at 1890 Bryant Street Studios in San Francisco's historic Mission district, where art, innovation, and industry meet. 1890 Bryant Street Studios is a thriving community of over 100 artists and artisans. 1890 Bryant, which began as the Best Food building, is now one of the premier artist buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area. Don will be exhibiting his work regularly in San Francisco as well as nationally.

Don’s work was also on display during MvVO ART’s AD ART SHOW. In its fifth year, the 2022 edition brought art directly to people by converting an advertising platform—the massive digital screens at Westfield World Trade Center inside the Oculus in New York—into a public gallery space for the entire month of May.

Driven by a desire to continually improve the state of the world, Don Hershman lives out a fascinating dual life in grand succession that inspires his own artwork. He holds unique combined positions as both an illustrious artist and a renowned podiatric surgeon. Equal satisfaction is found when he paints and produces photos, as well as when he performs surgery on patients.

With a keen sensibility to interpret any subject into a more vibrant dimension, Hershman draws inspiration from other creators like David Hockney and photographer Victor Arimondi. Processing references of photographic images he creates freestyle pencil drawings. Then applications of several layers of color help finalize the process. While these become the fundamental building blocks of his work, the final vision always remains a mystery until completion. Hershman’s artwork ranges from stylized portraits of people he knows, to still life paintings with flowers, to animal portraits and occasional abstract work.

Born in 1957 and raised in New York City, he received his BA in Pre-Med with Psychology from State University of New York at Buffalo, and trained in Podiatry at the College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco before establishing his own private practice there in the early 1980s. As the painter was building his medical practice, he was also evolving a body of artwork, exploring various media in the form of drawings and paintings, and finding his voice as an artist.  

In 1992, Hershman was personally invited by the Spectrum Gallery in San Francisco to participate in a group show. Selling all of his displayed collection, confidence was gained and sequentially inspired his future creative endeavors. He went on to great accolades including the accomplishment of having a painting win in competition at the 2019 Jury Selection at the DeYoung Museum. In May 2021, he had a successful show, 'Under the Influence: Donald and Victor', at Salomon Arts Gallery in New York.

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 Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group