Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

SohoMuse, the premier online community for creative professionals, has now established itself as the archetype for success for the artistic world. The trailblazing vertical social network has set the standard in the industry as the premiere platform for creative professionals to represent themselves, connect with each other, find work opportunities, learn, teach, and develop their careers. 

Currently counting big names in a 3,000-plus member base such as fashion designer Malan Breton, SohoMuse is a place where creatives can network as they join together and attend lavish private events to online masterclasses. 

The innovative membership-by-invitation-only platform is a collaboration that ushers in a period of maturity and mastery much needed in the creative industry. The type of deep and ever evolving connection between artists of all types including musicians, fashion stylists, writers and filmmakers places them in the firmament of screen partnerships, ranking alongside such powerful established networks such as Instagram, TikTok blended with the in-person touch found at Soho House and NeueHouse. 

The incredibly active hustle and bustle of every division included in SohoMuse gives participants an advantage and unique opportunity to succeed in a competitive market all while being supported and uplifted by peers and mentors equally. 

SohoMuse builds relationships built by trust that starts with the platform’s co-founder and CEO, top Billboard recording artist Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin. As an established leader in the art world, she has now passionately shifted her skills and extended her optimistic attitude to launch the powerful network. Since the late 2000s when she and cofounder Umi McGuckin started the platform, there has been sheer upward mobility for all members, especially those that are offered master classes to take as well as opportunities to even mentor students from the local community. It is a full-circle program that engineers a strong fundamental base for all. 

“The next evolution of content creation is found in where we see a lot of our members who are very willing and very able to teach and give back,” states Costin about SohoMuse’s classes that allow a gamut of creativity across multi-generational individuals. “It's one of the most extraordinary things I've ever done in my life. We specialize all in creative verticals. We have creative working professionals working with these younger students and they all feel like they're actually getting tangible one-on-one interactive experiences.” 

And now in 2022, SohoMuse looks to expand operations even further by meticulously pairing top industry players with new and upcoming performers and artisans. 

Costin’s SohoMuse is setting a new standard for networking. From recent partnerships during New York Fashion Week to pre-Oscar parties in Beverly Hills and even concert fundraisers with the singer Tiffany, she and her team bring new light to the social scene and work environment. 

To add to the soaring triumphs, SohoMuse has also signed joint-venture deals with production studios, such as with Madmana Studios, to develop projects and staff up films with SohoMuse members. Conversations with Hollywood unions like PGA and WGA have also opened doors and access for members in the entertainment world. 

About SohoMuse:

SohoMuse is the premier online community for creative professionals. It is a destination for creative professionals to represent themselves, connect with each other, find work opportunities, learn, teach, and develop their careers. 

SohoMuse focuses on the main sectors of the Global Creative Industry: architecture and related services; creative goods and products; entertainment and digital media; fashion and fine arts and performing arts. Among the career roles in SohoMuse’s target member base: writers; actors and performers; graphic and visual designers; illustrators; photographers; music supervisors; sound engineers; video/film and tv producers; creative directors and game designers. SohoMuse enables creatives to expand their networks and opportunities, source and hire top talent and collaborate with other creatives in one secure and trusted online environment, from anywhere around the globe. SohoMuse provides all the networking tools creatives need to promote projects, source talent, share and sell services.


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