Maribel Lieberman With Jacques Lieberman

 Artist Jacques Lieberman debuted his exhibition “Beyond The Lines And Colors,” with party amongst family and friends. The event and exhibition were held in the studio at 484 Broome Street, New York City, next to the popular MarieBelle Chocolates. “Beyond The Lines And Colors,” is selection of Jacques original artwork from over the last two decades. Guests enjoyed cocktails and MarieBelle chocolates while taking in Jacques’s artwork that was displayed throughout the studio.


Rosemary Ponzo


Notable attendees included: Jacques Lieberman, Maribel Lieberman, Andrea Legnani, Paola Rossi, Vanda Tuberga, Ira Cabrele, Gabriel Vallecillo, Pam Chmiel, Vanda Tuberga, Ira Cabrele, Carolina von Humboldt, Christophe von Hohenberg, Ray Starner, Ilene Wood, Adele Nino, Jeffrey Ray Wine, Sara Johnson Kaplan, Rosemary Ponzo, Eric Ross, Natalie Ross, Gracia Borjas, Nadia Martinez, Ruth Miller, Katlean de Monchy, Nancy Pearson, Maria Elena Christiansen, Maria Monteiro. 

Jacques Lieberman the Artist:

When Jacques Lieberman moved to SoHo's Prince Street, he lived in the same neighborhood as artists such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jacques divided his large apartment into two sections: a living space for himself and a makeshift gallery space called 'Al Conic' where local artists could display their work. 

He put up a sign downstairs advertising the gallery space for rent and had a lot of success. He continued to paint and sell his own art, eventually earning enough money to quit his job and become a full-time artist and gallery manager. As demand for his gallery grew, he decided to rent a larger space on Broome Street: 7,000 square feet of commercial space that he would divide into five separate galleries. He christened it The National Art Gallery and advertised it in the Village Voice. The demand was tremendous, and artists began to travel from all over the world to bring their work to Broome Street. For the next nine years, he ran the gallery and sold his paintings. 

Adobe Photoshop, a new graphics editing software, was released in 1988. Jacques decided to buy it so he could do rough sketches for his paintings. However, as he learned how to use the software, he realized that he could use the same color palettes and geometric design capabilities to create colorful works of art in a fraction of the time it took him to create a painting. He started creating hundreds of new pieces each week, with vibrant colors and shapes dancing across the screen. He blew them up, printed them in high resolution, and sold them to the general public with great success. His prints drew the attention of renowned art critics such as Holland Cotter, who is now an art critic for the New York Times and has his own gallery space on Broome Street where he sells his work. As a result, Jacques Lieberman was the first artist to create art in Adobe Photoshop, creating digital art throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. 

Jacques and his wife Maribel, Chocolatier, and founder of MarieBelle Chocolates, now live in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood with their young daughter Angelina Lieberman and their pug, Willow. Jacques continues to enjoy skiing in Colorado and travels to Israel on a regular basis to see family. 

Of his art, Jacques says “It’s simply me delivering joy to the public. I hope they feel joy."

Photos Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group / Patrick McMullan