Lizzie Asher With Casey Kohlberg & Mercedes de Guardiola


Casey Kohlberg, Lizzie Asher, and the Young Friends of Save Venice hosted Murano Nights, an intimate dinner at Casa Cipriani, the newly opened member's club and celebrity hotspot in New York City’s landmark Battery-Maritime building. The evening was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Save Venice, which in lieu of the pandemic related postponement of its usual black tie masquerade gala, is hosting over 50 smaller dinners and parties across the world. Murano Nights included 50 of Save Venice’s fashionable younger supporters from art and fashion to film and media for a cocktail hour, ballet performance by dancers from the Brooklyn Ballet, and dinner. Attire was billed as ‘Glittering Cocktail’, as a nod to the Murano Glass which lent its name to the theme, and the glamorous young people about town definitely delivered on the dress code.

“It’s been a pretty crazy year and a half,” said host Casey Kohlberg in a sparkling Carolina Herrera cocktail dress. “But I’m honestly so excited to be able to see friends and dress up again. Plus Save Venice is a cause so close to my heart it makes it feel all the more special." Save Venice Young Friends Chair Lizzie Asher, shimmering in a PatBo dress, followed the welcome remarks by sharing the myriad of restoration accomplishments Save Venice has had during its 50 years: "Save Venice has indeed been saving Venice one masterpiece at a time."

Notable guests included: Patina Miller, Serena Goh, Krystal Bick, Amir Taghi, Denise Baca, Tai Cheng, Daniel Kibblesmith, Jennifer Wright, Savannah Engel, Alyson Cafiero, Laura Day Webb, Timo Weiland, Mercedes de Guardiola, Clare Ngai, Daniel Howard, Irina Eicke-Krylova, and Maximilian Eicke.

No detail was left uncurated as evidenced by the cocktail list of the evening that featured the classic Cipriani Bellini and a white Negroni (a nother nod to the glass that Murano is known for), with a wine pairing menu provided by Kobrand Wines and Spirits during dinner. The menu featured fall fare of risotto with saffron and dover sole with baby artichokes, grown on the Venetian Island of Torcello where Save Venice is currently restoring the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta. Proceeds from the evening helped fund the restoration.  

Guests enjoyed a performance by the Brooklyn Ballet titled Sonic Relief, aka You Had To Be There, before sitting for dinner. The piece by New Orleans-born composer Malcom Parson features a gliding ebb and flow between the sound; the dancers’ movement is reminiscent of a midnight gondola ride through the canals of Venice. Choreographed by Lynn Parkerson, founding Artistic Director of the Brooklyn Ballet, the performance featured dancers Audrey Borst, James “Floats” Fable, Miku Kawamura, Christine Sawyer, Ladell “Ocean” Thomas.  

Remarks by host Casey Kohlberg and Young Friend Chair Lizzie Asher closed out the evening. Gift bags included items from BONBONWHIMS, PatBo, Dior, covid-friendly Save Venice masks, and mini bottles of olive oil from the hostess’ family home near Woodside, California.

About Save Venice & The 50 x 50 Initiative:

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Save Venice, the leading American nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the artistic heritage of Venice, commemorative events are being organized worldwide to support important restorations of masterworks of Venetian art and architecture. The Young Friends of Save Venice are an energetic group of young professionals who share dual passions for art and preservation in Venice, having most recently raised funds for the restoration of Pietro Longhi paintings that are part of the Venetia 1600: Births & Rebirths exhibit in Venice to celebrate Venice's 1600th Anniversary.

Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group