Nikki Walter-Nemickas

Nikki Walter-Nemickas is a health, nutrition, fitness and wellness lifestyle expert whose inspirational motto of be fit and eat clean has earned her the coveted spot as the Us Weekly Editorial Representative to The Wellness Experience by Kroger, co-founded by singer-songwriter, Jewel.

Walter-Nemickas much sought after commentary will be featured in the weekly celebrity and entertainment magazine. As an athlete, fitness model, and family wellness coach she is proud to share her passion to create better living for all.

In her latest role as an Editorial Representative, Walter-Nemickas was booked and took the stage this Summer 2021 for The Wellness Experience by Kroger festival event in Cincinnati, Ohio for the annual, multi-day festival.

Nikki Walter-Nemickas shares her experience at The Wellness Experience by Kroger:

Equity is giving people what they need to make a change. Resilience is really adversity, something you already have within. This weekend was not only eye opening, but my hearth left full, I was able to pay it forward, and witness the changing of lives of so many, including my own.

Us Weekly hosted the Kickoff party for the 4th Annual The Wellness Experience Festival by Kroger and Grammy nominated Singer-Songwriter Jewel this past weekend in the heart of Cincinnati, OH.


 The welcome entrance in the Inspiration Lounge, sponsored by American Greetings greeted guests with giant greeting cards, where attendees could share a message with healthcare workers in the area. Several sponsors and guests including Fred Manchur- CEO Kettering Health, and Matt James- The Bachelor enjoyed the reception.

A kickoff welcome presented by Jewel, Colleen Lindholz- President of Kroger Health, and Scott Hays, President of Kroger’s Cincinnati Dayton Division.

Jewel in her welcome thanking Trevor Drinkwater- Inclusion Companies as she explained, “I wanted to begin a festival to help educate others on eating well, and teaching others to advocate for themselves. I wanted to help others by teaching them, that good mental and emotional hygiene was an option, which set me out on a mission in life to get those skills. I have never used my fame to get a table at a restaurant. I have used it to get ahold of experts in the medical, nutritional, and mental health fields to learn to better advocate for myself. I often say Misery is an equal opportunist. It doesn’t care what race, color or creed you are, or if you are the CEO of a very successful company. You can be wildly famous and rich, be poor, if you were not raised in a healthy functioning system, it doesn’t matter, what your socioeconomic background is, once it breaks down you need a new tool to be educated. That requires education, and sadly, education makes money. Happiness can be elite; I find that absolutely unacceptable.” -Jewel

I was able to meet Matt James, The Bachelor as we discussed building a community in wellness, expressing the importance of others such as Naomi Osaka, and how celebrities creating mental health breaks are making it culturally appropriate, Matt James would like to do more of this to inspire others.

I have covered many fitness and health events, but I am absolutely amazed by the work Inclusion companies has done to assemble the most amazing health festival I have ever seen, and I look forward to seeing this celebrity event grow in years to come.

Everything about this two-day festival sets it apart from any health event I have attended. The festival embraces the structures and the nature around it.  Health, Nutrition, Active and Inspiration zones which all embraced a variety of Health Food Companies, Cooking Demonstrations, Workouts, and panels. I enjoyed Emceeing the Food Is Medicine tent sponsored by Laura’s Lean. Kroger dietitians, and local chefs provided demonstrations throughout the weekend. After introducing Dr. Schar for a Gluten Free session, Kelloggs President Chris Hood & and Rodney McMullen – CEO, Kroger battled out a Chili Cook off.

Cheryl Burke

 Cheryl Burke was present at the Inspire Lounge for most of her panel discussions, one of which was titled Depression Hacks. In my interview with Cheryl, she expressed her passion for giving back. I think Cheryl is one of the kindest celebrities I have ever met. I think most attendees would agree, the beauty of this festival is celebrating life, from all perspectives and using struggles and success to make the world a better place. She was definitely an inspiration to many throughout the weekend. And it was evident that Inspiring Children Foundation attendees were sharing their stories, working on their health to inspire others and give hope. As one of the panel discussions was ending, I witnessed the heart and emotion as a young woman in tears, walking toward the exit to see Ryan Wolfington- Inspiring Children Foundation consoling her. I too, began to tear up witnessing the impact this event, and the people creating a space for these children who have been struggling work toward a life of fulfillment.

 As I was walking away to my next event, a young woman Cherrial Odell, who has been on interviews with Jewel, and an inspiration to many in the program, stopped me share her story. She at once with two suicide attempts, she had found Jewel and her foundation to move back to a path of healing. She Is paying it forward now, as a mentor in the foundation, she explained being in the depth of suffering gives you hope, but she can now see how beautiful suffering is and how to help others grow from the pain because she has experienced it.  She will now be attending Stanford in the Fall aspiring to help others as a psychology major.

 The evening events ended with music; I was able to snag a few minutes with singer Eliot Sloan- Blessid Union of Souls. Coming from Iowa, he mentioned they had just returned from my home state, and we were able to discuss that. We discussed the festival and how music can be a therapeutic outlet, especially when we are struggling with things in our life. I asked him to share a story if he could about a time when someone had shared how their music had helped them, and he explained it was a moment that meant a lot because he realized the impact of his gift. We discussed how using your gifts, to help others is what life is about. Quinn XCII was the local favorite of the evening we enjoyed feeling the energy he brought to the crowd.

 Saturday Morning, I attended the Women of Wellness- Women Founders Brunch panel Lead by Jewel, Colleen Lindholz- President Kroger, Amy Nelson- President Saksworks, Morgan Angelique Owens, Lucrecer- Soul Sista Plants encouraging women by discussing their experiences, obstacles and achievements, losses and gains as they work toward a better work accessibility for all women in today’s workplace. Discussions were based on women in the workplace.

After the brunch I opened the Food Is Medicine stage kicking it off with a Chia Pudding presentation with an Abbott Dietitian, inviting spectators to listen in on the demonstration. Between announcements I was able to interview the local American Cancer Society Executive Director- Lenora Oeters, and Alice Sowers- Corporate Relations Manager American Cancer Society. They are aware of the projects I am working on, and I was pleased to see the big promotion with the walk -through Colon Display. Alice explained the efforts the American Cancer Society and how they are working on to allow access to genetic marker testing for all.

That afternoon, I was happy my family and my personal Reiki and Sound Healer, and her daughter joined me from Iowa. Becky has personally helped myself and my daughter this past year with our own personal wellness journey, and I wanted to invite her to share her talent as we approached the Meditation tent, the Ecstatic Dance Cincinnati group, was using the space for their individual expression and creative free movement.

As they cleared out, we set the stage for our session. This session was sponsored by GoFit, a company I have worked closely with for many years, as a model for their products, and using products when I travel. I introduced GoFit to the Wellness Experience Team to bring them on as a sponsor for the event.

In our session, I lead them through Breathing, Qigong, Guided Meditation, and Sound Healing. The location or the Meditation Tent was next to the river, it was perfect for meditation, as Becky used her bowls for sound meditation, and we could focus on all the earth’s energies. Each attendee was able to take a roller home with them. 

After our session, I walked through the festival, spectators collecting samples of organic health foods, some taking in workouts in the fitness sessions in the 90-degree weather. Others were collecting beauty products, and samples near the DOVE stage, as I listen to spectators commenting on the amazing products from Dove and WetBrush, an outdoor barber shop offering haircuts.

 A lovely man sitting on the bench, with a smile on his face. When I asked him if was enjoying the day, he explained he was out walking, he didn’t realize the event was free of charge, but what he enjoyed the most was seeing everyone take in the day with all the generous handouts, and that he was grateful to stumble across the event.

Close to Great American Ballpark people walked past a Kroger Race display on the way to the game.  A dad of two small boys stopped me to ask what was happening, they decided to walk through before the game.

 Another amazing feeling was walking through a tent of potential companies who were working diligently to showcase their food products in hopes to offer it in Kroger Grocery Stores.

As a person with food allergies, I was so impressed with how many companies are working toward innovative products and items to serve the health community and those with food issues.

Among my favorite discoveries this year were Wayfare Health Foods featuring, Beanefits, and Greenhouse Foods.

Wayfare Health Foods based out of Bozeman, MT. The creator having family with many digestive issues and food allergies set out to create delicious Dairy Free alternative products using plant-based items.  Like many I am a visual learner, and I was a fan of their ingredient display. A simple cutting board with a few items the products are made of. Delicious Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream, Puddings, and Dip.  I have a tree nut, and garlic allergy, which limits my diet when it comes to a lot of health foods. THIS I CAN HAVE and it was amazing!  Instagram: @wayfare_foods

Beanefits: I was able to snag an interview with Beanefits Snacks CEO- Dan Costello. As a previous Frito-Lay, Nestle Waters and Sweet Leaf Tea executive, Dan of all people knows exactly what people are looking for, especially in a low-glycemic chip for diabetics. Flavors include Hint of Lime, Real Cheesy, White Cheddar, Hot Chili Lime and Nacho Cheese. I liked all, but the one with garlic, but my favorite was the Hot Chili Lime. It tasted a bit sweet at first, but the kick of heat comes shortly after Instagram: @beanefitschips

GreenHouse Foods: Plant-based, gluten-free DONUTS! The owners were created by two passionate bakers Ryan Brothers, and Hissan  who developed a chill vibe at their booth with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but wow, they have created a DELCIOUS three mini donuts! 100 % plant based, 10 grams of Protein, 8 grams of carbs, 1 gram of sugar. My husband and daughter loved them, and they never like gluten free pastries. Instagram: @greenhousefoods_Official

 GreenHouse Foods Co-Founders Ryan Brothers & Hassan Safieddine, Nikki Walter-Nemickas (photo credit Jane Freeman)

Working my way back to stage, I saw illusion sidewalk art and life-sized props for photos, as well as an artist wall in which my daughter Addison enjoyed painting the word Kroger.

Closing in on the day, I approached the VIP Room where I interviewed Influencer Summer McKeen about her company Keen On community for music lovers. She attended the festival with her mom and friends, and we were able to visit about mother/daughter support and her upcoming projects.

The festival entertainment ended with Willie Jones and RayeLynn who showed her baby bump to the crowd.

 It was evident, as I ended the night. The festival is the heart and soul to give back, educate and provide everyone with the tools they need to create a life of fulfillment no matter what the situation. This celebrity lead event sets the bar not for just wellness, food, health, and mental health, but it shows at the end of the day, if we are not using our gifts to help lift, inspire, connect and give hope, the fame, influence and fortune mean nothing without helping others rise. By taking time to smile, acknowledge, listen, or introduce someone to a person who could help another, you are setting an example for inspiration, giving someone the tools, they need to create a life they dream.

Photos Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group / Getty Images