Phil Greenwald

HiWave now makes it easier than ever to stay connected. By placing their sticker on the back of your phone or wallet, you can exchange any of your contact information with just a tap. Whether you’re meeting someone at a business conference or making a new friend at a bar - just hold out your phone and let the other person tap your sticker. Your profile will open in their web browser.  The other person doesn’t need an app or sticker of their own!

HiWave revamps the way you exchange information - whether you’re sharing your website and Instagram, or just your name and number. With a simple tap and a stylish sticker, HiWave is proving to be a game changer for real world connections - from business networking to meeting a friend at a bar.

 HiWave lets you effortlessly stay in touch with the people you meet. And best of all? It’s free to individuals! While they charge corporate clients for custom stickers or large orders, getting and using a HiWave sticker is free for you. You’ll have a blast seeing people’s reactions to the sticker at work - and if you have the app downloaded, their intuitive technology organizes all your new contacts for you for easy access whenever you need to follow up!

Founder & CEO Phil Greenwald has been at the forefront of the technology industry for almost 10 years. The former Associate Director of Technology at Harvard Innovation Labs (i-lab) first started working on this problem while running i-lab’s Augmented/Virtual Reality Studio.

In the modern era, business cards are an outdated and inefficient way to connect. Greenwald realized this and set out on a mission to change the way people connect in the real world -- utilizing new technology that makes the exchange of information and follow up easy and effortless for everyone. Phil and his team designed Hiwave’s first product, the Hiwave sticker, utilizing Near Field technology (NFC) - a feature that is now integrated into most smart phones. "Our sticker that utilizes NFC is a much better alternative to the old and awkward ways of networking & meeting people in person," said Greenwald. “People today are already used to QR codes for everything - but this is even easier and more seamless experience. You don’t even need to open your camera!"

HiWave has partnered with premiere organizations, including charities, sales teams, conferences, real estate companies, and more who are committed to connecting their communities in a much more valuable and meaningful way, and are co-branding the stickers for additional brand visibility. Organizations such as the Waxman Foundation have already showcased their custom HiWaves at their events, proving it to be a worthwhile investment for any company looking to upgrade their networking capabilities. HiWave is also set to release a suite of digital and physical smart products currently in development by the end of the year.  Plus, because one sticker works for years and replaces the thousands of business cards an employee would normally use, enterprises and startups can save in the thousands of dollars when buying at scale.  HiWave also never sells personal data.

 You can order a free HiWave sticker directly on their website.  Businesses are also able to customize stickers with their company logo - which is perfect for sales teams, events, and conferences or to add value to communities and customers.

Don’t waste anymore time digging through your phone trying to find the people you’ve recently met. Don’t stress about having to carry 300 business cards to your next event. HiWave makes meeting people fun again.

 For more information, please visit https://hiwave.com

Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group