James Edstrom With Nurse Tracy

I got my Covid 19 shot on Sunday at Mount Sinai hospital on 101st street in Manhattan. Tracy the nurse was wonderful as was the whole staff. 

I urge anyone that can get the vaccine to do it now. The more people that are vaccinated the faster we will get back to normal life.

So far no side effects, which is great. I get the second shot on March 15th which I am looking forward too. There is something about getting the vaccine that gives you a sense of power. You feel that maybe you are beating this horrible virus. We will all have to continue to wear masks for a while and practice social distancing, but this adds a extra layer of protection till we can beat this.

Many people I speak too are very scared to get the shot. Many say they will not get the vaccine. I urge everyone to get the shot in the arm, it could save you and it could save someone in your family. This is the only way we will get to herd immunity if we can at least get close to 80% of the country to get the vaccine. 

When I ask why they will not get the vaccine, they tell me it was made too quick. The facts are that it was made quick because the research was already there, scientists have been studying these viruses for many many years, they had the science and they had the data, they just had to add it all up. So do not be stupid, protect yourself and your loved ones.