Candyland Acrylic On Canvas By Alysha Marko

Upper East Side’s UEast75 Gallery presents “Musing and Mastering: The Ordinary,” an upcoming pop-up exhibition at Union Sushi & Steak in Southampton, NY. Featuring work from six world-renowned Latin and American artists – curator Alysha Marko, along with Juan Lazaro, Renelio Marin, Rodrigo Pedrosa, Lane Rudder and Carlos Vega – this art exhibit will be unlike any other you have witnessed in the East End. 
“As this year descends ever so bittersweetly, we can all agree it has been one that has been far from The Ordinary. We have all been forced to some degree to experience what we have right in front of us much clearer. Artists have done it for centuries -- being stuck inside their mental and physical spaces, giving birth to works, beckoning the word ordinary to [come to light]. These moments are expanded here [in this moment]. We thank these artists for each of their unique imaginations within this subject,” Alysha Marko, owner of UEast75 Gallery, shares.
The African And The Camera By Rodrigo Pedrosa

 From December 10th, 2020 through January 18th, 2021, Union Sushi & Steak will be transformed into a one-of-a-kind experience where restaurant-goers will get to dine on exquisite food all while taking in remarkable art. Co-owner Ian Duke of Union Sushi & Steak teamed up with longtime pal Alysha Marko to bring some entertainment in the form of original art and canvases to the Hamptons this holiday season, rather than have New Yorkers, who have remained in the Hamptons these past few months, travel back to the city to shop for art. 
Work from “Musing and Mastering: The Ordinary” will be up for sale (ranging from $400 up to $18K) and a portion of the proceeds will benefit NORD (National Organization of Rare Diseases). Now is the perfect time to pick up some amazing pieces for yourself or for gifts for loved ones, make a great investment in art and charitable donation, and add some eccentric decoration to your home.
 “I’m thrilled. A lot of my clients who have second homes in the Hamptons haven’t been able to see my new work because they haven’t been coming into the city as much lately,” Marko says. “This new location is what I've wanted for a long time. The gallery in NYC, which is street level on 75th Street off Madison, has seen much less foot traffic and walk-ins lately. Now, I’m just thrilled because this is the perfect market to have a pop-up gallery in Southampton.” 
 Duke adds, “Ultimately, Alysha and I saw an opportunity for us to work together, which we haven’t had the chance to do before, nor has it ever been done at the restaurant. There are a number of people out in the East End who can’t go in or won’t go into Manhattan to visit galleries, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to bring the gallery to them. Plus, we thought this would create a very unique environment for people to experience art as well as a unique dining experience.” 
 The grand opening of “Musing and Mastering: The Ordinary” will take place Thursday, December 10th, 2020 at 6:00pm at Union Sushi & Steak at 40 Bowden Square in Southampton. We invite you to come celebrate with us.
 Alysha Marko, born in New Jersey, graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Seton Hall University. She is a painter, performance artist, curator and gallerist. While an actress living in Los Angeles, she worked for James and John Cameron, who first introduced her to painting. She continued her studies in New York, taking courses at The Arts Students League while working for The Switzer Group, an architectural interior design firm. Design is a major influence in her conceptual works, and the methods of expression and communication that she learned as an actor allows her to build narrative and construct scenes as a painter.
 Renelio Marin graduated from San Alejandro School of Fine Arts in Havana in 1993. He received his Master’s in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University in 2011 and his Bachelor’s in Studio Art from the City University of New York’s Hunter College in 2009. Renelio’s work is in prominent collections internationally, and has had pieces in The Rubin Foundation collection and New Mexico Museum of Art. Renelio was recently mentioned in Forbes and The Times UK for his five mural designs designed for Arthaus Gemmayze hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. Check out the video of him working on the murals at Ueast75 Gallery’s press page!
 Juan Lazaro lives and works in Havana, Cuba. His body of works throughout his 25-year career have focused on the tangible world on his island. Spanning from eclectic, potent portraits of his native people; bountiful, vital bouquets of local fruits; and most recently the process he refers to as “meditations” of the beloved universal object, the Bicycle. Juan refers to them as bicycle transformers, which explores the oh so many feelings and intersections of life, energy, and rediscovering the whole object by its connections and motives.
 Rodrigo Pedrosa is a painter and sculptor working in Rio De Janeiro. Among his public works are the monument to Zumbi dos Palmares in Caminho Niemeyer museum in Niterói, Brazil. In his diptychs, he seeks to investigate the relationship between the relationships and possibilities, or lack of, that pose a challenge for the future. His work stands side by side with contemporary artists, such as the British Banksy or the Turkish Ugur Gallenkus in the construction of images that confront utopias and dystopias, chronicles of a liquid, and uncertain time, while consistently imposing the question “How do we live together?”
 Carlos Rafael Vega Pérez is a Cuban painter born in Havana, who lives and works from Orlando, Florida. His work began in 1987 when he won the first prize of Graphic Humor of the Young Cuban Caricaturists. He then went on to graduate from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in 1993. His paintings have a surrealist style in which he melts the landscape of his city with the characters that inhabit them. This movement, which appears as if it will dissipate if we watch a few more seconds, shapes the physicality and imagination of the transparent performers the city intends to keep on display. He uses the classical technique from the study and inspiration of the great masters such as Antoni Gaudí and Raphael. He continues to publish his cartoons in newspapers. 
 Lane Rudder is an emerging artist based in New York City. Creating surreal depictions reality, the primary topic throughout Lane’s work is his personal encounters of addiction and loss. Expressing chaos and trauma through a whimsical lens is signature and his means of reconstructing dependance and grief into a pillar; onto which he now lays the foundation of his life. 
 About Union Sushi & Steak:
 Ian Duke and partner David Hilty, the owners of the ever-popular Southampton Social Club and Union Burger Bar, unveiled the East End’s hottest dining destination this past summer in July 2020. Situated in the historic Bowden Square property that formerly housed the famous Herb McArthy's, and co-located with Union Burger Bar, Union Sushi & Steak manages to fuse the energy of a supper club from the days of old with a modern ambiance. The cuisine is brought to you by award-winning Chef's Scott Kampf and Marc Fasciana of varied fame and tenures. The delectable menu features Dry-aged steaks that are courtesy of Niman Ranch in Colorado. The assorted fresh sushi and sashimi menu is both enticing and inventive. 
 Union Sushi & Steak has that "Supper Club” feeling, albeit for the more sophisticated. Picture this: dinner starts to wrap up, the keys on the baby grand start to dance, the DJ’s music starts to intoxicate you, and the cocktails set the tempo. Since its opening, the new restaurant has received rave reviews and looks to continue to bring the very best supper club experience all year round. Union Sushi and Steak 40 Bowden Square, Southampton, NY 11968 www.dineatunion.com
Photos Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group