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Ottomanelli is the oldest family owned and operated meat retailer in New York. The specialist meat retailer in New York has been selling the finest quality meats and wild game meats since 1900, and remains family owned and operated to this day from their store S. Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meats in Queens, New York and online. They have been providing families and businesses prime cuts, wild game, and exotic meat enabling them them to create delicious feasts with their outstanding ingredients.

  In addition, S. Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meats freshly cut prime dry-aged and choice all-natural meat are available for home delivery from Manhattan all the way to the Hamptons! 

 This holiday season 2020, S. Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meats has the widest range and best supply of fresh wild game and bird meats available to make the perfect holiday dinner including all-natural goose, turkey, semi-boneless quails and fresh Long Island duck. (please visit the website for a full list of products and availability.)

 During their 120 years in the business, the S. Ottomanelli name has become synonymous with the best dry-aged steaks, pork, poultry, and wild game meats money can buy. Frank Ottomanelli continues that tradition today, cherry picking the best meats from the best dealers in the business and delivering it anywhere in the New York City area and Hamptons. 

“Today, I am dealing with some of the same vendors that my father dealt with in the 1940s,” says Ottomanelli. “We have been doing this for so long that we have relationships going back four or five generations and that means that we get to select the best quality to offer our customers.” The old school approach to business is even carried through into the digital age through their website Ottomanelli.com

When you order a prime aged porterhouse steak – or any other specialty item or steak – you will receive Ottomanelli’s signature service until the moment it arrives at your door. Prime-cut Meats ©S. Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meats While most meat delivery service companies use third party services to cut, pack or even freeze their meats for delivery when you place an order with Ottomanelli, Ottomanelli handles every step of your order in-house. Your meat will be fresh cut and delivered same-day by an Ottomanelli driver in an Ottomanelli truck.

 “Everybody outsources these days,” says Ottomanelli. “We never will because we refuse to compromise on quality. That is why when someone buys an S. Ottomanelli steak, they are not just buying a steak they are buying a taste of New York history,” says Ottomanelli. 

S. Ottomanelli & Sons 60-15 Woodside Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377 718-651-5544

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