Jimmy Van Bramer Sparks Racial Tensions In Hunters Point South

This is Jimmy Van Bramer's statement a couple of weeks ago. I did not have time to address, because the residents here are busy doing the jobs of the NYPD and Jimmy Van Bramer who has refused to address these issues for years now.

Jimmy Van Bramer AKA Lamer Bramer seems to think that only rich people live here. What would he know anyway, he never took the time to address our community unless there were TV Cameras here. For many years we have been complaining to Lamer Bramer. He has refused to listen, he has refused to engage the NYPD 108th and make them do their job and our concerns about crime have been ignored.

The fact is we hired security to do the job of the NYPD who is not even on a slowdown, they are on a complete work stoppage around here. Fires in the park regularly, fireworks going off every night, even after the 4th of July. Litter and broken glass everywhere, graffiti placed all over the neighborhood every night. The nerve for Lamer Bramer to act like this was a bunch of rich people wanting the park for themselves. The fact is everyone donated for the cause to make Hunters Point South Park safe again. Low income, Medium income and high income all donated to the cause. This was not a rich peoples decision, it was a community decision. Yet Lamer Bramer puts out this statement that fueled racial tensions, made some businesses withdraw their support and blasted our community with this horrible statement. But Lamer Bramer who has spent most of his time up in Westchester since the protests and Covid 19 started, abandoning our community in our time of need, thinks he has the right to say anything about the people who put him in office.

Lamer Bramer has ignored each and every complaint about crime in Hunters Point South Park. He has allowed our neighborhood to become a "WAR ZONE" and the past few days proves our point. Their has been a knifing 4 days ago, there was a murder 2 days ago. This is a "WAR ZONE".

Lamer Bramer does not have to worry about this in his private park, yes Lamer Bramer has his own private park. Yes Kiddies, at Lamer Bramers private SUNNYSIDE GARDENS he enjoys security and many other amenities.

Yes the description of Lamer Bramers park reads as follows.

SUNNYSIDE GARDENS PARK is a member-only park in historic Sunnyside Gardens, in Western Queens. Established in 1926 and operated by volunteering members, the park remains a place where neighbors meet, play, socialize, and build a strong, local community.

It features a bike track, skate ramp, ping pong table, baseball diamond, soccer goals, tennis courts, basketball courts, sprinklers, playgrounds, and picnicking.

What a shame Lamer Bramer keeps collecting his pay when for a while now he has not spent much time in the district that elected him. Jimmy Van Bramer needs to resign, this is the kind of politician we do not need. He brags about spending 42 million on a library that came in years late, leaks and is not disabled accessible on several floors and brags about spending 16 million on a bathroom in some park. Yes 16 million. You could have built a mansion in the Hamptons for this price, is he bonkers? 

The whole community is done with Jimmy Van Bramer. Our security company 'ON POINT SECURITY' already has done a great job. None of the horrors Lamer Bramer described have happened, if fact things are getting better in the park except we need the police to engage the criminals, not just drive up and down the street with lights flashing. But we have the media attention of the Mayor as well as every elected official. 

If You Live In The Neighborhood Join Our Community Page. is the way to support our community. If you would like to donate to our communities effort to stop crime, please visit our GO FUND page. 

Yes Jimmy Van Lamer Bramer we are in a war zone. You need to resign and spend the rest of your days in your cozy private park!