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Thursday, September 06, 2018


Hunters Point South Ferry Landing Gone

Hornblower NYC Ferry are really putting the screws to the residents and businesses in Hunters Point South. 

Hornblower was supposed to do a quick walkway replacement. But they did not plan. They removed a huge heavy steal walkway and replaced it with a lightweight aluminum walkway which sent the other side of the pier diving into the water, where it got stuck. You know, it makes sense, if you are taking a certain amount of weight from one side, you have to adjust the other side. But they did not think. When they removed the steal walkway the other side went diving into the pilings and got stuck. 

Hunters Point South Ferry Landing Removed Walkway & Dock

Hornblower then makes a announcement that there are tidal changes in the East River that were the cause of this. Bullshit! That's all I have to say. This was not a well planned repair and the service has been out almost all summer. LIC Landing the restaurant on the water has seen a huge drop in business as so many people come to visit Hunters Point South by ferry. Residents are not too happy either. Hornblower had a bus service from Hunters Point South ferry landing to the next ferry stop by Gantry Park and then just stopped it. Now residents have to walk. 

I know Hornblower will say, no one used the bus service to the other ferry. But the reason was, no one knew about it and the buses were parked far away so the passengers did not know where the buses were. If you found the buses, they were not labeled. So who would know. 

Today they took away the whole dock. Complaints to 311 direct you to their website where I can find no explanation or when the ferry service will come back. Shame On You Hornblower!

Monday, August 13, 2018


ChaRtistic & CC Music

ChaRtistic once again performed with his sister CC Music at the famed LIC Landing By Coffeed on the Hunters Point South waterfront. We think it is great that owner Frank Raffaele has emerging talent playing on our beautiful waterfront.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018



Story By: James Edstrom

Neighbors On NBC Protesting Treatment From Macy's In 2017

Sources are alleging Macy's has been banned from their 4th of July show 2018 in the Hudson River. The store announced last year that they would be rotating the event, but communities around New York City, including many tenants in Hunters Point South who have been abused by this event the past three years, say they do not want Macy's here.

This story took a lot of digging as we have hosted them for 3 years straight here in Hunters Point South and many of the residents here do not want this event. Macy's was asked for comment on this story, in fact we asked two Macy's publicity persons and they ignored our requests. We also asked them in the E-Mail to have the residents be part of the conservation so we are not locked up as they do every year for this party that only benefits Macy's with 500 million worth of free publicity. Macy's celebrates freedom while it takes the residents including Vets and Seniors freedom away. Still no comment from Macy's.

  We were so outraged by the treatment from this event, we went to NBC News and the NY Post last year, who agreed the way residents here are treated is a horror. Macy's make no arrangements for the residents. We are at ground zero and we are locked down.The story was picked up worldwide and still Macy's did not contact us to make arrangements for the residents here.

Last year we as residents of Hunters Point South, who are right in the center of this Macy's event each year, tried to be pro active and arrange our our party in our own location. We got approval from the police department, we arranged for food and beverage. Days before the event, Macy's came to the park and found out we had a parking lot and told the 108th Police Department they needed it for their event. So as always, Macy's got their way, at the expense of the community and got our parking lot leaving us no way to enjoy the holiday. But the sad fact was, they commandeered our parking lot and did not even use it and once again we were locked up like criminals. Police Department Blames Macy's, Macy's blames Homeland Security and they all pass the buck around.

We have held this story for a few weeks now. But I saw the signs, Homeland Security here, Macy's personal here. This has been confirmed, Macy's is throwing their 4th of July Event at Hunters Point South. And once again they are not allowing us as residents of this community to be part of the conservation.

This is part of a bigger story. This is how the parks department gives our parks away to private entities who makes millions off public space with just about no benefit to the community. But this is a bigger story we will be bringing to main stream television media very soon. We have park contracts, we have sources and this is a story that will blow the lid off these park contracts that are given to persons that are friends with politicians and have the inside track.

Comment below as you see fit!

Friday, September 23, 2016



Story By: James Edstrom

Kegs Of Beer Outside Tonight

You know, I am disgusted with the 108th police department in Long Island City. Why I bother to even report a crime to them is beyond me.

Crime has been a problem in Hunter's Point South Park. We have had a rape reported at Gantry Park located next door, there was a attempted child kidnapping a few weeks ago that the nanny did not report because she was scared. Endless amounts of graffiti are being painted all over the park and the great park employees attempt to clean up every day. Broken bottles are everywhere along with blunt wraps to smoke weed. I could care less if anyone drinks and smokes weed, but I do care when they vandalize the park.

First of all the park is supposed to be closed at 10pm which is not enforced. Second of all, it is disgusting the mess created by LIC Landing Restaurant.  The garbage outside the restaurant, the food, the kegs, bottled water and soda. It is disgusting. 

First of all, it is illegal to store food outside. LIC Landing Restaurant does this. I have witnessed many nights the rats chewing at the tomatoes, potatoes and onions as well as the garbage. Second it is illegal to store alcohol outside where minors can have access. This is done as you see by the photo above. I am sure they will say they are empty kegs, but I picked them up, some are empty, most are full. This is a state liquor authority violation. 

I have been told the owner is a nice guy. He may be, but I am shocked he would allow his restaurant to operate like this. It is a mess outside and it's created by his restaurant. It is really disgusting to go to a beautiful park and then have to look at the mess outside the restaurant.

Food Stored Outside Recently

But lets get back to the 108th police department. Every night people go to the restaurant and steal food and beer as well as water and soda. Since I am outside smoking my cigarettes as I live in a non-smoking building, I see it all. A few weeks ago I called the police, underage kids were stealing kegs of beer. They arrived fast, but the kids must have seen me on the phone and ditched the kegs. The next day the parks department told me they found two kegs in the bushes. The sad fact was, the police were questioning the kids and did not even take out a flashlight to look in the brush, this is where the kids hid the kegs. So I decided not to call anymore and besides the owner of the restaurant should not be storing anything outside in the first place.

Now tonight. A car pulls up and drives down the one way street, turns around and pulls out a shopping cart. They go to the restaurant and start loading up. I call the police and by this time the trunk is almost full. They were back at the restaurant for another load when the police came. I point the police to their car and they walk like little old ladies to the restaurant and bring back two guys. They make them open the trunk and see the loot. I was in shock when they made the two crooks bring everything back to the restaurant and let them go. Why did I even bother, I don't know.

Every night people come with carts and boxes and load up on goods. I am very surprised the owner does not know this is happening. At this point, I do not care. We live in a beautiful neighborhood with beautiful neighbors. This is the home I always wanted and I will just ignore these petty crimes.

 I am though very surprised the Hunters Point Conservancy would allow this restaurant to operate like this. The restaurant expanded their outside tables because they do so much business, I at least hope more rent is being collected, because this took away space from the public. If anything, they should make the restaurant build storage and charge more rent for the space. But most of all the restaurant should be made to keep the place clean.

I love our community, but I do not have time nor the desire to be calling the police 5 times a night. They need to patrol and enforce the laws. Plain and simple. They can start with the stop signs, no one stops and someone will get killed. But they will ignore till that happens, then the 108th will be the ones to blame because they were told.

One last comment, The workers in the park are to be commended. They clean up the mess every morning and they work so hard in all kinds of weather to make the park beautiful. All day long they prune the gardens, pick up the litter and clean up the graffiti. I have never seen such a great staff who really are proud and care for the park and the community. I just love them all!