My Darling Ivy

Tearing hair out over botched home cuts and dye jobs? Dreaming about the day when you can go back to the salon?

Worry no more. My Darling Ivy, the hotter-than-tongs Chelsea salon owned by Manny Rolon, Mark Bustos and VJ Moscaritola, is again open for business.

“The days of talking to yourself in the mirror as if you are your own client, while you attempt to color or cut your hair are safely coming to an end,” says VJ.

“Women are thirsting for a return to glamour,” explains Manny, New York City’s stylist du jour, “but after months of being cooped up inside, they’re seeking a new elegance—unstudied and unfussy, but always effortlessly chic.”

Of course, a lot of effort goes into looking effortless. Whether it’s correcting the self-inflicted wounds of quarantine or adding life and luster to dull hair, landing on a new everyday look, or choosing a style for a special event, Manny and his team go over every detail with a fine toothcomb.

According to Manny, having been caught off-guard these past few months his clients not only want to look great but also want to be better informed. Which is just as well as Manny, who hails from three generations of hairdressers, and is an educator for the revered Oribe brand, is a font of hair knowledge. As is his team of star stylists.

And it’s not just the women who are treading a path to My Darling Ivy, and evolving. “Male clients have learned to deal with the awkward grown-out phase through the stay-at-home months,” says Mark. “And sometimes a good reshaping is all it takes to convince them that they can pull off more than one look.”

Although the layout and design of My Darling Ivy already allows for over six feet of separation between styling chairs, in an effort to further adhere to social distancing measures, the salon will be expanding its business hours to allow for a lower occupancy level throughout the day/week.

“More than ever, we as hairdressers and salon owners realize how important our roles are in people’s lives,” says Mark. “We are going above and beyond to keep everyone comfortable, safe, healthy, and feeling more beautiful again.”

Adds VJ: “At My Darling Ivy and Silver Vine Room”—the New Jersey salon also owned by the trio—“we think it’s key to spend extra time with guests, not only to focusing on their look but also conversing and sharing stories and experiences about these unprecedented times. This has been a time of much solitude, and having the time to sit and catch up is as important as hair care itself!”

Please note: In order to ensure fair booking, My Darling Ivy will be accepting bookings via email or text only and accepting bookings in the order in which they are received.

For more information, visit:

My Darling Ivy

444 West 17th St, New York, NY 10011

Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group