Fireworks In Hunters Point South

I am done with playing around with the NYPD 108th precinct here in Hunters Point South. They are a bunch of corrupt cops who refuse to do their job who have allowed our neighborhood to turn into a dangerous crime ridden war zone.

For months the 108th has refused to enforce any law. While the rest of the city is on a slow down, the NYPD 108th is on a complete work stoppage. They witness crimes right in front of them and refuse to do anything. Residents are outside pleading with them to make arrests, to do something and they just refuse.

NYPD 108th Watched This Graffiti Being Done

Let's give some examples. Fireworks for over 5 weeks now. As you can see from the above photo, our neighborhood is being blown up every night. The cops witnessed these thugs setting off bomb after bomb and did nothing. These thugs lit the park on fire and the NYPD 108th did nothing. The cops have sat in their cars watched people spray graffiti everywhere and refuse to make a arrest. Hundreds of thugs in the park at night, a park which is supposed to close at 10pm and the police refuse to enforce anything. They are in there drinking, they got their Hookah and bongs, they got every drug you can imagine and the 108th watches and will not make one arrest.

They shoot fireworks at residents and our dogs. The other night they shot fireworks at a resident and when confronted they threatened us.  We called the NYPD 108th. There were two cars. Both filled with fireworks and drugs and the cops saw this. One car had no plates and should never been on the road. Tenants were outside demanding the cops do something, they refused. The perps tried to attack the residents several times and the 108th refused to arrest. You had two cars, one illegal, trunks of fireworks and you could see the Hookah's and the Bongs and the drugs and they refused to do a dam thing.

Cars are being broken into everywhere and the NYPD 108th refuses to respond. Other residents call to 311 and 911 are ignored and we get a text saying the NYPD 108th showed and no action needed. So the NYPD 108th is filing false response reports, which is a crime. One time I flagged a cop car down and pointed where the crimes were happening, they turned around and went the other way. The is our police department and their station house is just 2 blocks away.

NYPD 108th Barricaded On Their Street

The NYPD 108th for months have been barricaded on their street. They refuse to let residents file reports and they refuse to allow us in the station house. While they are hiding behind their fences, they make us fend for ourselves. We have had guns, bombs, drag racing every night and these Revel scooters breaking every law, going down one way streets, flying through the park and side swiping residents.

This is why the murder rate is up. This is why all crimes are up. Way before the riots and Covid, the NYPD 108th has refused to do their job. We have community meetings and the NYPD Captain Gibbs lies and lies to residents, saying they will take care of the problems and they never do. This is the worst Captain I have ever seen in a Police Department. Worse than the Captain before him. Captain Gibbs has given orders to not enforce any law, no matter how small and no matter how big.

A beautiful new neighborhood with a beautiful park is now a slum at night. The park is a war zone and all residents life's are in danger. What do we have to do to get law and order back? If any of us showed up for work and refused to work, we would be fired. Why is this being allowed by the Mayor? Residents have contacted the Mayors office and they refuse to do a thing. The time is now for Law and Order and enough with this allowing crimes to happen just because the Mayor is afraid of the criminals. Start arresting and start enforcing the law. We have slipped back into the 1970's with crime ridden streets.