Botox Injectables

Balance 3H Medical Weight Loss Center for Women is here to help you restore and rejuvenate your look from both the inside and out! Their exceptional medical team utilizes their extensive knowledge, years of experience, along with the latest in non-invasive tools and techniques, to deliver you the aesthetic enhancement you have always wanted.

Their goal at B3H Plus Medical Spa is to provide with you a natural look that enhances your elemental beauty features, and not giving you a ‘FAKE” appearance. They offer a variety of different treatments that provide patients with, a proven medically-supervised diet solution designed to help women of all ages struggling with weight loss due to hormonal imbalances; and various non-surgical cosmetic treatment services like: Botox Cosmetic, Dermal Fillers, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging Properties, Hair Removal, Immunity Boosting IV Vitamin Drips and much more!

Balance 3H Medical Weight Loss Center for Women has one of the top, extensively trained and experienced nurse practitioners to perform the injectable treatments, offering a variety of benefits. Melissa Ann Mascia, has a thorough understanding of all the bony and soft tissues of the face. She also has a comprehensive appreciation for facial aesthetics. With this knowledge and skill, she can deliver the fillers where they can provide the greatest advantages while minimizes the risks of complications. Balance 3H Medical Weight Loss Center for Women believes the safest option to administer cosmetic injectables lies with Melissa’s skill, experience, and knowledge.

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