TD Bank Long Island City

Close your TD Bank accounts. This bank is a horror. I made a deposit of two checks almost two weeks ago and TD Bank put holds on them both, refuses to allow me access to my money, even know I contacted the people who wrote the checks and they said they were paid to TD Bank.

TD Bank has no customer service. Several phone calls for a total wait time of over 6 hours. You can call during the day or late at night, it does not matter. There is no customer service at TD Bank.

You know what are good businesses when something bad happens in our world and the company continues to service customers. TD Bank has failed and all their phone calls and their websites all blame Covid 19.  Sorry TD Bank, this is not a excuse. A company and especially a bank needs to be prepared in case of a emergency. For any emergency. 

During a pandemic companies need to step up to the plate and take care of their customers. TD Bank refuses. Endless calls, endless hours waiting to speak to someone and they still have holds on my money. When I finally reached customer service, they said I could go to a branch and talk to a manager who can release my money. When I brought up the fact that their branches are closed, they connected me to the fraud department. This woman from this department was so nasty and rude, how can TD Bank expect to keep customers. We have a lot of banks to choose from. We do not need to bank at TD Bank. 

TD Bank has been fined time after time for fraud. Is this the kind of bank you want to bank at? As soon as a branch opens in New York City, I am closing my account and never returning. UP YOURS TD BANK!