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Mondays Hot Topics: McConnell Planning Speedy Trial

“These senators are supposed to represent the people," says Sunny Hostin. "Why aren’t they representing the will of the majority of Americans? That’s the first step.”

“I would never underestimate Mitch McConnell," adds Meghan McCain. "He's a really shrewd long-term political animal and I think he knows what he's doing.”

“I don’t think this is where the pulse of the American people are at and I think that it’s more about the election than it is about the impeachment trial," McCain continues. "I would focus on voting him out.”

"Ultimately if the Republicans follow this course, if they are so adverse to the will of the American people, I think that ultimately it will affect the Republicans," Hostin says. "Because when you go to the ballot box are you going to vote for that Senator that did not do your will? Are you going to put that person back into office? I don’t think so.”

“Impeachment is impeachment. It doesn’t matter which side it is. If you need to be removed as president, people need to hear it," says Whoopi Goldberg.

“I do believe that the American people, regardless of who they voted for, really do care that the process stays the way it's supposed to," Goldberg adds. "I don’t think anybody wants to see this process usurped by people saying 'I'm never going to do this.' You can't do that. When you are on a jury, you can't do that.”

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