Jacqueline Shafiroff (Board Member)  With Jean Shafiroff , Patricia Shiah & Frederico Wasserman

The official kick-off of A Place To Be(ad) Me, a children’s 501(c)(3), was held at Core Club in New York City.

Jacqueline Shafroff was in attendance in support of A Place to Be(ad) Me as were Curtis Sliwa and Nancy Sliwa, Michael Loeb, NY Assemblyman Michael Lipetri, Francine Lefrak, and A Place To Be(ad) Me Board members - Founder and Chair Susan Foster, Honduran Ambassador to the United Nations Elizabeth Flores Flake and Tara White.

Andrea Catsimatidis With Steven Baldwin, Jean Shafiroff & NY State Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright

Honorees Actor and activist Stephen Baldwin and New York State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright spoke in support of the organization. Andrea Catsimatidis and Jean Shafiroff were on hand to present each honoree with an award acknowledging their humanitarian advocacy.

A Place to Be(ad) Me is dedicated to shifting the life trajectory of children made vulnerable by external emotional trauma. The mission of the nonprofit is to build the resilience of these children, equip them with self-esteem, and help improve their emotional development through exposure to creativity and positive mentorship.

Hondoran Ambassador To UN Elizabeth Flores Flake With Susan Foster (Founder of the Charity ), Jake Groshong, Arden Michno, Jacqueline Shafiroff (Board Member) & Tara White.

Friday’s Kick-off reception gave those present the opportunity to participate in a philanthropic auction and meet face-to-face with the charity’s board members. In her remarks Assembly Member Seawright called the charity's mission, “both vital and much needed.”

Jake Groshong who was also MC And singer songwriter Matt White performed for the evening.

Official Site of A Place to Be(ad) Me: https://www.aplacetobeadme.org

 Photos Courtesy Of A Place to Be(ad) Me / Whitnee Shulman