Hunters Point South Ferry Destroyed Television

Once again we had the ghetto vandals do more destruction in our Hunters Point South Park.

I heard the smashing last night. I knew something was going on around 2:30 am. I wanted to call the 108th precinct, but I knew the odds were as always, they would not show. I have given up on the NYPD  here. They are nice guys, but we just can not get any enforcement on any of our complaints. 

We all love our community We have problems. Graffiti almost every single night is plastered everywhere. They turn over the flower pots, they smash bottles and they destroy park benches. I spent so much time calling the Parks Police and the 108th precinct the first two years only to wait for a response and then nothing. So I just gave up. 

At night they come down here with gigantic bongs and smoke their weed and they drink like fish. Not the cheep alcohol either, not like when we were growing up and drinking Budweiser, they drink the high end stuff like Hensley. They get wasted which I do not mind, but they then go on a rampage destroying everything they can get their hands on in the park. The park is supposed to close at 10pm. No enforcement at all so every morning the parks department comes in and has to clean this mess created the night before. The parks department works very hard, they go beyond the call of duty to give us a clean park everyday and by 9:30 am the manage to get things back in shape. They should be awarded.

This NYC Ferry television will cost a lot to replace and as with everything in NYC, I am sure it will take a lot of time. I am just disgusted, I think around 1am or so there should be a quick foot patrol by the police, but I know I am just dreaming, maybe I got a contact high walking through the park.