New York Post Cover On Enquirer & Jeff Bezos

 Amazon Owner Jeff Bezos is claiming that the National Enquirer head David Pecker tried to blackmail him about his affair and threatened to publish with nude photos.

Bezos,titled his post "No thank you, Mr. Pecker," shared what he said was an email from AMI's chief content officer Dylan Howard, in which Howard threatened to release intimate and personal photos and text messages of Bezos and a woman the National Enquirer said he was having an affair with.

Nothing is below David Pecker and The National Enquirer. I know them both very well having worked on stories for many years before Pecker brought the Enquirer, The Star, The Globe and destroyed the magazine business in America.  He even screwed John Kennedy Jr on a high end magazine called George.

After only a handful of issues of George Magazine which John Kennedy Jr. was very involved with, Pecker pulled the plug. This was a very traumatizing event In the life of John Kennedy Jr. After Pecker got all the publicity and became a mover and shaker in the media world because Of Kennedy, he doubled crossed him.

Pecker with his new monopoly of the gossip magazines then proceeded to kill the industry by making reporters and photographers one offer from all the publications. It was a take it or leave it attitude when before Pecker got the publications you could put anything out for bid. This left reporters and photographers with just about nothing for their product. Yes, Pecker destroyed the magazine business in America. Most of us stopped supplying American Media because there was no money. Pecker got rid of all the talent there too. He hired a bunch of young kids who knew nothing about the magazine business. It is also interesting to note that the National Enquirer, Star and Globe have gone downhill since, barely selling many copies at all. This is what happens when you get rid of the talent and do not want to pay the talent.

Then there is my Story that Donald Trump allegedly got his Mexican maid pregnant. This came from good sources, people that worked in Trump Tower. Always wondered why Pecker killed this story, but now we all know why. You can read that here.

I also used to get phone calls from someone that worked at The Enquirer. They alleged  employees at the Enquirer were picking up checks for Peckers wife and she was being paid and she did no work for the publication. They were being delivered to Peckers Home. All shady. Very Shady.

One night I had a conversation with Pecker and his publicist Richie Volvo at Patsy's in NYC. Right about the time the Internet revolution was starting. I tried to get him interested in my website Times Square Gossip. I thought we could do business because the Enquirer was not really a Internet thing. Soon after Pecker brought Radar Online. Cut me right out. 

These are not honest people. David Pecker, Donald Trump, any of them. David Pecker is a very powerful man in Palm Beach. Follow the trail my friends. Jeffrey Epstein the child rapist served just about no time. Wonder why? Follow the power trail Kiddies, follow!