Donald Trump Will Only Listen To Russian Putin

STORY BY JAMES EDSTROM -- Really, where on this map below does anyone see that we need a wall? But today at 3:30 he will say America is in danger from this caravan and his base will scream " build the wall". He will declare a national emergency with false dangers and lies if he does not get his way. His base will believe this lunatic. This is the only way out for Trump. He dug himself into a corner.

Donald Trump is no match for Nancy Pelosi. He degrades women. So Trump will announce a emergency because of this fake caravan danger and because Pelosi is not going to stand for this grandstanding and fake promises.


Most of us here in New York City have always hated Trump because he was always this way. Others that hated him, now kiss his ass because they are rich and Trump makes them more rich. He is also getting advice from a few of my media friends that no matter what, will defend any republican no matter how evil. These media friends are experts. They were good friends, now I barely speak to them because they are using their national platform to support this madman and giving him advice and giving a huge amount of advice to Donnie Jr.. Other Gossip reporters from the New York City papers who have been good friends to Trump for many years have run for the hills. I have spoken to many of them and even some photographers who were Trumps favorite have expressed shock at what this man has become.


The Border Is Covered By Wall And Rio Grande River

As you can see from the map above, no wall is needed. There are fences, walls and huge rivers dividing America and Mexico. But Trump to get his evil way, to get Pelosi, will soon declare a National Emergency because he will not get his wall. Expect this press conference to be a big pack of lies as always.

The wall is such a fabrication. Nothing has changed at the border except there are now less crossings. The abuses Trump has allowed to the poor and hungry immigrants is disgusting. These people come here to work. These people come here to feed their family while they work very hard.

In my early years, before I was a celebrity Photographer, I would work in restaurants to makes ends meet. The kitchen staff, the busboys all were from Mexico and other countries in South America. Some legal, some not, but they were hard workers and honest. Most of them worked from 10 in the morning to 1 am late at night for a mere 50 bucks. Not only were they working hard, they were being taken advantage of by Americans.

Now here in New York City. Very few Trump supporters here, but the ones that are his supporters can bitch all they want. But who the hell do any of you think will deliver your food on a cold winter night if we have no immigrants? Who is going to cook in the kitchen, who is washing the dishes, who is busing your tables? Do you think some restaurant owner will pay someone 15 bucks a hour to deliver food if all the immigrants leave? 

Immigrants are the backbone of our many businesses. Without them you would be paying so much more in restaurants, landscaping, farming etc. Immigrants deserve to come here legally in search of a better life. This is what America is supposed to be. Not the vision our crazy Donald Trump, his family and republicans think. 


Food Stamp Program Running Out

The nations food stamp program is running out in March because of the shutdown. They are short for the March food stamp payout. Many states have already given February food stamps, telling the poor, the needy that if the shutdown continues, there will be no food stamps in March. They are telling everyone that this is not a bonus, spend carefully as they do not know when there will be money in the program again. That's when the money runs out. Trump is starving people for their support. This is what he is doing, starving America so we support him so we can eat.

Thousands of businesses have not been able to renew their food stamp license because of the shutdown.This means small businesses will go out of business in poor neighborhoods and the poor and the needy count on these small businesses to survive.


I once had a source many years ago that worked at Trump Tower. He alleged that Trump was having a affair with his Mexican Maid. The guy was legit. I got all the facts and presented the story to the National Enquirer. They would not give me a answer on buying this story until weeks later when I was told by the editor that they could not run with this story.

I found this very strange. Almost every story I brought them ran and I was getting bad vibes from this editor who I will not name as she is still in the business somewhere else. I considered her a friend, but she was acting very weird about this story. The story never ran and now I know why. Then I figured it all out recently.

The reality was that Donald Trump had to pay off this Mexican maid. He hated that he had to do this according to my source at the time. She had his child. This in my mind is why Donald Trump despises Mexicans. She got paid off and she won. Donald Trump can not stand to lose and by a woman yet?  The man has no respect for women. He is a narcissist. This is what Donald Trump is. 


Donald Trump used to have a publicist for his wife Ivana. Her name was Kathleen Saxon. I was at all the Trump events in Trump Tower and many other places, even Mar A Lago. Another publicist who handled some big names in the entertainment business, got the gig at The National Enquirer. His name was Richie Valvo. I ran into David Pecker and Richie Valvo at Patsy's in New York City. I was dining with the Photo Director of Star Magazine. Valvo mentioned that he was going to introduce Trump to Pecker. At the time I guess everything flew over me, but a few months later when I tried to sell the National Enquirer the Trump Baby story, I felt something was wrong when they said they were not interested. I guess that story landed in the American Media Safes. Now I know.


 New Yorker's called Leona Helmsley 'The Queen Of Mean". No matter what anyone said about Leona at the time, she knew people and she hated Donald Trump.

One night at a former club in New York City called Stringfellows, Leona Helmsley arrived with husband Harry. At that time Harry was completely in the middle of Alzheimer's. The club was hopping with celebrities and Donald Trump arrived and wanted to sit with The Queen Of Mean, Leona Helmsley herself. He knew this would get major publicity and everyone in NYC knew Trump was just one big media whore. But Leona had her own ideas and did not want to be seated with Donald Trump nor have photos taken with Trump.

The look on Trumps face that night. He was devastated that someone more famous than him and more richer than him refused to have anything to do with him. It was a night I am sure he wants to forget. I am sure Pelosi reminds Trump of good old Leona. A woman putting Trump in his place. This destroys Trump.


Over the years Trump pulled one publicity stunt after another. Things like calling a few photographers to a K-Mart to take photos of him and Ivana Trump Shopping. He knew a so-called billionaire shopping at K-Mark would go worldwide and it did. He knew the publicity game from top to bottom. Other Publicity stunts included showing up at Ivana Trump's Plaza Hotel party while they were going through a divorce.

Pure Genius. I always said he missed his calling, he should have been a publicist. He was just as good as P. T. Barnum from Barnum & Bailey. He really was. Trump could come up with the best fake news and we all knew it. But we had fun. The media got wined and dined. We loved it.


I just have to go down to the gutter because this is where Donald Trump has taken America. 

Another night at Stringfellows, Donald Trump was there. I was in the men's room and Donald Trump came in with his balding bodyguard. Trump started to pee in the urinal next to me.

Look, I know this is all tacky, but at this point I do not care. Guys in bathrooms look at other guys. Str8 or Gay, this is a fact. We all glance over and take a look. 

I looked at Trump taking a pee this night. It was like I did not see anything, it was real small. So Donald Trump can say what he wants about his Penis, just Like Stormy Daniels said, It is small. This is why he has so many affairs, he can not satisfy any woman with what he has. They only marry him for his money, we all know this. Why in hell does this "LITTLE MAN DONALD TRUMP' think that any of these women love him. He is not a likable guy, plain and simple. It's always about him, never about anyone else.


I would say 95% of the time Ivana Trump raised the children. All the photos I have of the kids are all with Ivana Trump. They were wonderful kids. But the sad fact is Donald Trump was no father to them. So now when the children are older they crave for their fathers attention. They might end up going to jail for their father as he will save his own ass even if it costs his children.

After the divorce Ivana Trump was to have Mar A Lago for around two months I was told by Ivana's publicist Kathleen Saxon. This was in her divorce agreement I was told. She had a party there and I was invited. I arrived early from NYC and went straight to Mar A Lago. Security was busy taking all the photos of Donald Trump and the kids off the walls and the gigantic table that was in the foyer. They put them in a box. They then replaced all the photos with Ivana Trump and the kids on the walls and table. I thought this was just weird. I thought how everything was just not real in this family, how everything was just a sham, everything controlled.

I am going to tell more stories soon. I have tons of photos in Trunks and maybe it is time to show you inside Trump Tower and show you the tacky taste of the Trump family. Stay Tuned!