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CEO, Founder and Master Chocolatier Maribel Lieberman of MarieBelle New York, with Resident Magazine Editor-in-Chief Hillary Latos and Publisher Christopher Pape, celebrated the cover of the December 2018 Holiday issue with the exclusive release of the holiday-inspired short film Chocolate Is Magic at the flagship store in New York’s Soho district.

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Notable attendees included: Maribel Lieberman, Ira Cabrele, Christopher Pape, Haley Babula, Remy Neymarc, Andrew Neymarc, Rachel Kramer, Pamela Morgan, Lauren Vernon, Leesa Rowland,  Michele Herbert, Sarah Verstraete, Michael Tam, Sheila Shechtman, George Wayne, Barbara Regna, Peter Regna, Arlene Lazare, Allan Lazare, Andrea Warshaw Wernick, Suzan Kremer, Selima Salaun and Adele Nino.

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A festive window display, layers of garland and a low-hanging crystal chandelier provided the glittering backdrop for the evening as MarieBelle’s chocolate-loving clientele, loyal magazine readers and distinguished members of New York City’s social circuit indulged in artisanal ganache, lavish truffles and the evening’s signature Chocolate Martini.

Maribel Lieberman And Christopher Pape

NEW YORK CITY -- The holiday spirit shined brightly throughout the room as guests delighted in watching the premier of Chocolate Is Magic, produced by Neymarc Visuals and starring actress Haley Babula. The short film received a round of applause from those in attendance, who were captivated by the whimsical holiday story taking place at the magical 484 Broome Street location. Following it’s premiere, the visual was released officially on the @MarieBelleNewYork Facebook page with a discount code just in time for holiday shopping.

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Michele Herbert
Bringing holiday cheer and treats, the Soho flagship provided patrons a sumptuous holiday experience for the eyes and appetite. Tucked away, at the back of the shoppe, is the Cacao Bar at MarieBelle New York which features a holiday menu of desserts and pastries. Guests enjoyed an assortment of hors d’oeuvres featuring the Cacao Bar’s signature treats and finger foods including Chocolate Fondue, Tomato Bruschetta, Caprese Sandwiches, Quiche, Leek Crepes, Crepe with Norwegian Salmon and Crepe Au Chocolat. To pair, red and white wine were poured for guests throughout the evening.

Haley Babula And Maribel Lieberman

The festive shoppe was designed by the chocolate connoisseur Maribel Lieberman, and arranged to inspire gift ideas and the holiday spirit. From the cacao fields of Honduras, where she was raised, Maribel has brought her sophisticated chocolate expressions around the globe with locations throughout New York, Japan and Dubai. In the Resident Magazine December 2018 cover story, she reflects on her start in the culinary business and her passion for food, after a stint in fashion. Now, leading the world-renowned, luxurious bean-to-bar chocolate company, the name MarieBelle is synonymous with everything that is refined, beautifully designed and decadent.

Maribel Lieberman With Pamela Morgan And Lauren Vernon

About MarieBelle Chocolates

Woman-owned MarieBelle New York is a world-renowned luxurious global bean-to-bar chocolate company. The fine art edibles are produced in the Brooklyn factory with retail locations throughout New York City, Japan and Dubai. MarieBelle’s flagship store in New York’s famous Soho District offers chocolate lovers a sumptuous shopping experience. MarieBelle has a rustic-style Cacao Market in trendy Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and a new retail shoppe located in Midtown Manhattan’s stunning Japanese Kitano Hotel. Each location pairs perfectly with the lavish and decadent chocolate designs.

For almost two decades, MarieBelle New York has been tantalizing both the eyes and the palate with sophisticated chocolate expressions. Whether it is the signature, artisanal ganache, the lavish truffles and bars, or the incomparable Aztec Hot Chocolate (featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things) – the name MarieBelle is synonymous with everything that is refined, beautifully designed and decadent.

MarieBelle New York (Soho), 484 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

MarieBelle at the Kitano Hotel (Midtown), 66 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Cacao Market by MarieBelle (Brooklyn), 67 Guernsey Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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