Hunters Point South Ferry Landing Gone

Hornblower NYC Ferry are really putting the screws to the residents and businesses in Hunters Point South. 

Hornblower was supposed to do a quick walkway replacement. But they did not plan. They removed a huge heavy steal walkway and replaced it with a lightweight aluminum walkway which sent the other side of the pier diving into the water, where it got stuck. You know, it makes sense, if you are taking a certain amount of weight from one side, you have to adjust the other side. But they did not think. When they removed the steal walkway the other side went diving into the pilings and got stuck. 

Hunters Point South Ferry Landing Removed Walkway & Dock

Hornblower then makes a announcement that there are tidal changes in the East River that were the cause of this. Bullshit! That's all I have to say. This was not a well planned repair and the service has been out almost all summer. LIC Landing the restaurant on the water has seen a huge drop in business as so many people come to visit Hunters Point South by ferry. Residents are not too happy either. Hornblower had a bus service from Hunters Point South ferry landing to the next ferry stop by Gantry Park and then just stopped it. Now residents have to walk. 

I know Hornblower will say, no one used the bus service to the other ferry. But the reason was, no one knew about it and the buses were parked far away so the passengers did not know where the buses were. If you found the buses, they were not labeled. So who would know. 

Today they took away the whole dock. Complaints to 311 direct you to their website where I can find no explanation or when the ferry service will come back. Shame On You Hornblower!