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Greenwich Steakhouse has quickly become one of the staples in West Village since opening a year ago. Climbing towards the top of the New York City restaurant hierarchy, the three-story eatery located at 62 Greenwich Avenue has delivered the top three qualities foodies and frequent diners expect from any fine dining establishment. Find masterfully crafted and flavor-filled cuisines, multiple dining experiences in one, and an enjoyable atmosphere made comfortable by an attentive waitstaff.

Greenwich Steakhouse has seen much success under the direction of partners Benny Gocaj (general manager) and Victor H. Chavez (executive chef) – a culinary industry legend. Together, they have masterminded a uniquely upscale New York City dining experience, from artfully plated dishes to the very last bite. The combination of carefully articulated flavors crafted by the team of experts, led by Chef Chavez, will satisfy foodies who enjoy experimenting with flavors and who will appreciate the possibilities provided in each dish.

Greenwich Steakhouse does not skimp on flavor as each dish is suitable for every palate and aims to fill any appetite. For appetizers, the golden-brown Pan-Fried Calamari is juicy, and tender served over hot cherry peppers. Greenwich Colossal Crab Cakes are a filling choice with a sensational blend of traditional local spices and crab meats. Savor the meaty Thick Cut Smoked Bacon which is full in flavor and even fuller in size.

Wine Room @ Greenwich Steakhouse

T-Bone Steak
On the heels of older New York City steakhouses, Greenwich Steakhouse’s dry-aged steak options – USDA prime dried in-house – have helped to assert the restaurant’s position in the neighborhood’s dining scene. Sliced for ease of sharing, the juicy steaks are dripping in flavor and envelope your table in a warm aroma of spices. Available in a variety of sizes, the menu includes Filet Mignon (10 oz or 14 oz), a 24 oz Bone-In Strip Steak, New York Sirloin Steak (18 oz or 36 oz), a 24 oz Cajun Ribeye Steak, Tomahawk Ribeye Steak (24 oz or 48 oz). Customize your steak with a choice of sauces including Oscar, Au Poivre, Roquefort and Bernaise, or enhance your dish with delicious add-ons including the Foie Gras, Grilled Shrimp, or an 8 oz Lobster Tail. Other meaty meal options include the Greenwich Steakhouse Burger with avocado, bacon, white cheddar and Leicester onion sauce, Surf & Turf which includes an 8 oz Lobster tail and 10 oz Filet Mignon or Veal Scallopini.

An exemplary bar team mixes the best in beverages for all diners. Perfecting any meal are the delicious cocktails which includes the fruity Pretty Woman mixed with Sauvignon Blanc, grapefruit, rum, fresh blueberries and basil or the light and refreshing Greenwich Swizzle blending rum, pineapple, mint, lime and bitters. A prime selection of rosé, white, red and sparkling wines can be enjoyed by the bottle or served by the glass. The Papet Demax Cava is a pleasantly fruity wine hailing from Spain. The Carrousel 2016 Bordeaux Rosé is a delightful French wine. Originating in Chile is the Aromo 2016 Sauvignon Blanc with notes of citrus flavor.

At Greenwich Steakhouse, Benny Gocaj has demonstrated a unique eye for design. Reminiscent of your typical steakhouse, is the elegant but powerful design choices providing guests an inviting, intimate and comfortable space to dine. Setting the three-story West Village restaurant apart is the light color palette, bold seating designs, and striking architectural differences on each floor that make the dining experience exceptional. The first floor’s casual dining room features white brick walls, a marble bar countertop, and turquoise, T-backed, studded bar seats. The modern appearance of the main dining floor, on the second level, features indirect ceiling lights which showcase the beautiful mural paintings from wall-to-wall. For exclusive events, private parties can be held on the third-floor. A myriad of wines sits behind clear, glass sliding doors giving the room an air of luxury. Brightened by crystal chandeliers, are velvet, ruby red seats that can be lined along an extended dining table for intimate affairs or several round tables for parties.

The magnificent design aesthetic, the menu boasting dishes crafted to perfection and combined with an incredibly attentive waitstaff defines what it truly means to be a gourmet restaurant. Greenwich Steakhouse brings to life an exquisite dining experience suitable for all patrons and a variety of affairs.

About Greenwich Steakhouse

The legendary Chef Victor Chavez along with Benny Gocaj brings you a dining experience unlike the rest. Greenwich Steakhouse offers a uniquely upscale New York City steakhouse experience in an exquisitely designed three story West Village townhouse. In 2016, after an impressive 38-year long career with Smith & Wollensky, Victor Chavez retired. Less than a year into his retirement, Chavez couldn’t escape the dream of opening his own restaurant. Quickly changing gears when he saw the 62 Greenwich Avenue location, Chavez decided to make his comeback, but this time in a totally different intimate, downtown setting – something he had always wanted to do.

Greenwich Steakhouse, 62 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011

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