"Even though my past was hard, I was blessed."
-- ChaRtistic


We recently attended a great performance Of  Chavez Robinson AKA ChaRtistic at the waterfront restaurant LIC Landing By Coffeed. 

Even with thunder storms, rain and lightning, the show went on. The show was fantastic. ChaRtistic sings with his heart and so many people stayed and endured the storms to listen to a great talent. 

Talking with ChaRtistic, he said music is his dream. He talked about being able to pick up any instrument, play a few cords and then he knew how to play it. Amazing talent and a very special person with a very special family. I am very lucky to be able to walk out my front door with stunning views of Manhattan and to be able to see such talent right at my doorstep.


I am Chavez Robinson, I am Autistic, I was un-diagnosed until I was 22 years old. Autism alone is hard enough and is still difficult now. But I also have other differences that add to it, such as ADHD, OCD and now HIV.

 Having these differences made Growing up difficult because people do not understand my differences and did not have much knowledge on it. Therefore, they considered me weird or a freak. I have difficulty expressing myself and understanding feelings and others around me.The only way I could express myself fully was through music.

 When I played the guitar for the first time I can feel the energy from my body was connected to the sound of the guitar. I was able to express exactly how I feel through music. Then when they listen to my songs, they can relate how I feel then understand me, my autism and how even though I’m different I still have the same feelings as everyone else.

 My song “All I do” was me expressing how I truly feel about this person after he kissed me. My other song “My World” was how I felt about someone, when I was with him my world was happy and joyful. Then the new song I recently made “My Amazing Grace” I made when I was at the end of my performance on July 27th. I felt that my amazing grace was all the friends and family I have.

 Even though my past was hard, I was blessed.