Hunters Point East River Route

I am getting many complaints from residents in Hunters Point South that Hornblower Ferry is too packed and leaving them stranded at the docks.

Several residents have come to us, saying that the rush hour Ferries are so packed, they are left standing on the dock and told to wait for the next Ferry. This is making residents late for work and making residents think twice about using the service. The boats arrive packed and just can not take anymore passengers.

It would seem like a smart idea since the Ferries are catching on, that Hornblower adds extra rush hour boats to accommodate all the commuters that want to use the service, just like the MTA does in rush hours. And since it is now summer, extra boats all the time are needed because we now have all these tourists using the service. 

The city keeps yelling that tourism is great for us, but at what cost? Our subways are packed, our Ferries are packed and getting on the bus can be a miracle for New Yorkers. And we wonder why the Staten Island Ferry is still free, mostly tourists ride it, lets charge them and residents with NYC ID ride for free. This can bring in millions a week to buy more Ferries for all our new routes. This idea is such a logical way for our Ferry system to go.

 Are you reading Speaker Corey Johnson?  Your the only one NYC residents can count on, Jimmy Van Bramer does nothing for us here, except to pose for photos!