Smoking Signs In Hunters Point South

It is hard enough to live in a No Smoking Building. But residents on Center Blvd in Hunters Point South are taking their anti-smoking campaign to a whole new level. They are putting up signs everywhere.

Most of the new buildings being built are no smoking. Being a smoker, it is hard. Us smokers are outside in thunder storms, blizzards and zero degree temperatures and the anti-smokers still are not happy.  They are now posting signs for residents who smoke to go across the street. That would be fine, but there is no smoking in Hunters Point South Park, there is no smoking next door as there is a school and you need to be 1000 feet away, there is no smoking just about anywhere.

You know, If all of you want to take away smokers rights, why don't you just ban it and stop taking our almost 11 dollar a pack tax we pay in New York City.  And why we are at it, stop driving your cars, I have to inhale your fumes. Use Mass Transit so I do not have to smell your fumes and dodge your bad driving on the streets of New York City.

When does it stop. Tenants are being wrongfully accused in these buildings of smoking and being taken to court. When you complain about a harassing tenant in any of these buildings, landlord asks for proof. When someone accuses you of smoking in the building, no proof needed, a lawyers letter is sent right away. These landlords seem to think that a porters smell is good enough to drag the tenants into court. It is not! 

First of all, most of these porters smoke themselves and second in a high rise if a tenant at one end of the building opens their windows, any smell weather cooking or perfume or cigarettes will fly down the hall making their accusations not scientific at all. But these landlords are so anti smoking that they are now taking innocent people into court with only a porters smell as evidence. 

For more Information on anit-smoking nuts, visit Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (C.L.A.S.H.) . Ex Cop Audrey Silk has tons of information on how to fight the harassment and this is what it is.