Mancow With Steve Dunleavy And Geraldo Rivera 

Geraldo Rivera With James Edstrom And Mancow Muller

It is very sad to hear that Broadway Langan's is closing down.

I spent many years there hanging out with all my friends and colleagues  from The New York Post. I worked on stories with Steve Dunleavy and took my celebrity and media friends there. I also always made a mandatory stop there when I was on Fox News as a guest.  I had beers with Congressman Barney Frank and cable icon Barry Z. I joked many times with The Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich there who also loved his beer. I brought Radio Shock Jock Mancow Muller there and Talk Show Host Steve Wilkos. I dined there with Emmy Award winner Rita Cosby and I had more drinks there than I can remember. I partied with NY Post Editor Col Allen and many times I would Take Dunleavy to the Post offices to put him to sleep. This was our hangout. 

Just another lost NYC watering hole lost because of another greedy landlord wants three times more money in rent. Maybe if Dunleavy and I was still drinking there, they would be able to afford!

Steve Dunleavy With Steve Wilkos

NY Post / Steve Cuozzo — The luck of the Irish — and of legions of showgoers, celebs and media moguls — ran out at Broadway Langan’s, the beloved Times Square pub that was a favorite for nearly 25 years at 150 W. 47th St.

The popular bar and eatery will serve its last bangers ‘n’ mash on Jan. 18, a shattered co-owner Des O’Brien told The Post on Sunday. The culprit was the landlord’s demand for a rent hike from $16,000 a month to $53,000.

O’Brien said he and his Pig ‘N’ Whistle Group partners fought for an affordable new lease since 2015, offering multiple counter-offers, but hard-nosed landlord A&R Kalimian wouldn’t budge.

Langan’s opened in time to catch the mid-1990s wave of Times Square’s rising fortunes. Cleansed of major crime by Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the area drew great media companies and banks to new skyscrapers — and record-breaking numbers of tourists. Broadway stars who previously scurried away in limousines felt comfortable having a nightcap when shows let out.

Everybody went to Langan’s — boldfaces like Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Kathleen Turner; pols such as Sen. John McCain; and fringy types including John Lydon, the former Sex Pistol better known as Johnny Rotten.

James Edstrom With Sean Hannity

New York Post employees are shedding tears, too, for their favorite pub since the newspaper moved to the block in 1995. The friendly, brick-and-wood confines full of theatrical posters were home to so many Post writers — most notably fabled columnist Steve Dunleavy, who sometimes filed copy from the bar — that former editor-in-chief Col Allan called it the paper’s “Langan’s bureau.”

All’s not lost, though. O’Brien’s company owns three Pig ‘N’ Whistle outposts in Midtown and seven other pubs, including giant new Broadstone in the Financial District.

Ironically, Langan’s fell to the same forces that made it successful. Astronomically rising property values also raised rents astronomically. Langan’s once-lively block between Sixth Avenue and Broadway has also lost well-trafficked diners and delis as well as an earlier Pig ‘n’ Whistle. Today, Langan’s is buried under a scaffold and surrounded by new-hotel construction.

Romance Queen Cindy Guyer With Braden Keil & Rita Cosby

Late Post reporter Braden Keil once summed up Langan’s best:

“Whether they’re just off the boat from Dublin or the plane from Hollywood, patrons find Langan’s a friendly tavern where everything comes with a healthy side of blarney.”

On Jan. 18, the blarney falls silent forever.